Last night, Kristen Schaal was a guest on Conan. She is great. Conan is great. Egg nog is great. Sweaters are great. Wear your coat.

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  1. I don’t know if you guys are still watching Conan, but the show’s been really great the past few weeks.

    • I was going to say pretty much the opposite, actually. I haven’t caught every episode, but what I have managed to watch so far I’ve been pretty unimpressed with. Conan really seems to have lost the self-effacing aspect to his humor that made him so appealing to me in the first place. Maybe I just haven’t caught the good parts.

    • I’m with Werttew. I’ve been finding it kinda so great! Gravy boat light house? Christmas chicken sandwich?

  2. By her logic my new porn name would be “Rum and Coke Rejection”

  3. This was on the ‘You Look Nice Today’ podcast, which if you have time for one more podcast, look into?

    “You guys hear how to come up with your porn star name?”
    “No, how?”
    “Okay, you take your mother’s name…”

  4. Manhattan Pretentious, here.

  5. My porn star name is Gin & Tonic Failure!

  6. Mine would be Scotch Too Awesome

  7. Mine would be Macallan Balding

  8. Shirley Temple Downvotes.

  9. Straight Whisky Missed Opportunities Because I was Too Tired

  10. Bourbon Something Stuck In My Teeth

  11. Kwak Penguins.

    When I was younger I was afraid of penguins. That fear is gone now, thanks for asking.

    PS. Kwak is a Belgian beer.

  12. Whiskey Sour Vagina

  13. Jagerbomb Self-Doubt. Not too bad. Have to try that one out, sometimes… (not as a stripper, ind you. Maybe for making reservations)

  14. Beer Belly

  15. All-Of-Them NoJob here, who’s ready to bang?

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