Sensational. AND FREEZING! I’m still not entirely clear on what the special effect is. Is this how they made the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Hopefully when I get two of these for Christmas I’ll be able to figure it out. It probably comes with an instruction manual right? Unless it doesn’t. It is FOR PROFESSIONALS after all, and you never see pros reading manuals. They’re too busy CRUSHING. Whatever. Just come to the club where I’m spinning and we’ll figure it out together. One way or the other, I’m going to MAKE MY AUDIENCE SCREAM. (Either through wonderful effects they cannot even believe their eyes, or through dangerous accidents!) Oh, I also want DJ equipment and DJ classes for Christmas. I want cool stuff! (Thanks for the tip, Patrick.)

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  1. When I was watching Black Swan, all I could think was that it would have greatly benefited from CO2 guns. I hope that they are included in the directors cut.

  2. Special effects…for PROFESSIONALS!*

    *just not special effects professionals

    • Let’s see, I have my brief case, my wing tips, my five foot tall tank of carbon dioxide….what am I forgetting???

      OH RIGHT…my Magic FX CO2 Gun!

  3. Waitasecond – isn’t blasting huge volumes of CO2 into the air a bad thing? Isn’t this what the whole global warming thing is about? Am I thinking about this too hard?

  4. I woke up this morning thinking that I would probably not get a videogum today. IT’S A MONSTER X-MAS MIRACLE!!! Speaking of which…

    This song is okay, but it needs more magic CO2


  6. I wish I had this guy’s voice. I really do.

  7. We’ll need this gun to defend ourselves when the robots that serve drinks become sentient.

  8. My rational side said, “Who cares, it’s a glorified fire extinguisher.”

    My irrational side made a face like this:

  9. No one will ever get hurt using this, ever.

  10. You mean I have to get the liquid CO2 tank separately? Pass.

  11. I was thinking about this gun Gabe, and I could buy it for you. But I decided that I’d get you something better.

    you’re welcome.

  12. Pictured: MAGIC FX CO2 Professional?

  13. On the bright side, when the creepy guy at Wal-Mart offers to “take me to the gun show”, now I know that he just wants to blast CO2 at me.

  14. Isn’t this the way Richard Blaise always makes ice cream?

  15. Right now Fiddy Cent is all like FUUUUUUCK, I gotta order reshoots, stat!

  16. No way this thing can go wrong.

  17. It doesn’t even shoot t-shirts? Rip-off.

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