When the last of the Chilean miners finally emerged from the fetid belly of the Earth, he probably went home, ate his favorite food, made love to his wife, and then logged onto the Internet and watched a Kitten Hugging a Teddy Bear before drifting off into a hero’s sleep, right? Viral videos, you guys, WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. Kiss the ground for them, I’m sure. 2010 had so many good ones! So, as is Videogum tradition, we have collected them all into a delightful and, most importantly, MOVING tribute to the year in Internet. Yay! As I point out every year, this compilation is comprehensive but is in no way complete. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen videos that for one reason or another were not included despite being real joys to watch. For example, Dad Ruins Justin Bieber Just Like Dad Ruins Everything. And for another example, Pants on the Ground. Ultimately, the retrospective of the Best Viral Videos of 2010 is created by a human being, i.e. a Mistake Factory, so please cut him some slack, whoever he is. Oh, and a quick message to 2011: GOOD LUCK, PAL.

1. Double Dream Hands
2. Sesame Street “Whip My Hair” Mash-Up
3. Keenan Lipdubs “Whip My Hair”
4. Kids Dance to “Billie Jean” The Darndest Things
5. Parrot Dances to “Whip My Hair”
6. Kids Dance Provocatively to “Whip My Hair” The Darndest Things
8. Stay Safe Online, You Guys
9. Two Corgis on a Treadmill
10. That’s Your DJ
11. Ghost Ride the Tractor
12. Dog Mowing the Lawn
13. Horse in the Car
14. Salsa Dog!
15. Villagers Dancing to Techno
16. Olsen Twins Nightmare
17. Man with Swastikas on His Head
18. Cougar Life
19. Pamela Gorman Campaign Ad
20. Candidate for Stark County Ohio Treasurer, Phil Davison
21. Basil Marceaux Dot Com
22. Glenn Beck for President
23. Tim James Campaign Ad
24. Dale Peterson Campaign Ad
25. Christine O’Donnell Campaign Ad
26. Carly Fiorina Campaign Ad
27. Sad Keanu Meme
28. Drunk Bus Lady Denise Crull News Report
29. “Back It Up” Lady Eye Witness News Report
30. Dude, You Have No Quaran
31. Antoine Dodson
32. “Bed Intruder Song”
33. “Bed Intruder Song” Christmas Carol
34. Little Girl Sings “Bed Intruder Song”
35. High School Band Plays “Bed Intruder Song”
36. Ginger Kid
37. Katherine Chloe Cahoon: Why Single Girls Want To Meet European Men
38. Colleen Thomas
39. Girl Has Trouble Hitting High Notes
40. Fainting Goat Kittens
41. Rolled-Up Newspaper Self-Defense
42. A Guided Tour of One Man’s VCR Collection
43. Iguana Farts in a Bathtub
44. Homeless Man Lipdubs David Bowie with Two Kermits
45. Awesome Dance Off in the Rain
46. Hand Model Ellen Sirot
47. The Worst Wedding DJ Ever
48. Kids Sing Lady Gaga in Their Underpants the Darndest Things
49. The Best Viral Video of 2010 (Man on Gurney, House on Fire)
50. Join the Race for the Cure for WHITE Breast Cancer
51. Self-Potato
52. Brendan Fraser Clap Remix
53. Trololololololo
54. Isaiah Mustafa
55. Girls Tripping Over Hurdles in Slow Motion to a Radiohead Song
56. Double Rainbow
57. You Dun Goofed up!

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  1. Gabe, I’m sharing this on Facebook – even if you aren’t giving away $50 Amazon gift cards.

    This post helps other understand me and my jokes.

  2. I want to take this video behind a middle school and get it pregnant

  3. also never forget not a single lady

  4. Well, so much for doing anything productive this afternoon…

  5. OK, I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon…

  6. Gabe bless us, GABE BLESS US, EVERY ONE!

  7. That is wonderful, but why was Ke$ha not on that list? Every one of her videos qualify as viral, in the sense that she is actually a living disease.

    • Kesha and Brokencyde should have their own “in Memorium” video montage. 2010 was their year to shine. Now it is off to managing Jiffy Lubes and 7-Elevens … talking about what could have been.
      *cue Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” as montage of above mentioned groups rolls*

  8. It’s like seeing the last year of my life flashing before my eyes. That One, take me away, I’m ready.

  9. And just like that, Gabe showed us why he earns $700,000 a year dicking around on the internet.

  10. I knew there was a reason for me to get out of the bed this afternoon that wasn’t Christmas shopping. This is much better than Christmas shopping.

  11. Great, now I’m going to be humming this all day.

  12. They should bury this montage deep in the ground so that after the events of 2012 leave the world empty and broken, the next inhabitants of planet Earth can find this montage and see for themselves what was REALLY IMPORTANT.

  13. Also, as I bring my first year of commenting to a close, i’d like to know something…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHY DON’T YOU HAVE REAL JOBS?!?!

  14. Wow, 2011 is gonna be one bitter younger brother to the All-Star quarterback that was 2010.

  15. Sad face emoticon. I did think this might make the cut.

  16. I don’t remember that Bed Intruder one. Guess I was sick that day.

    • Ahh, bummer man, that was a good one. I got lost there at the end though; this guy was like, “Double rainbow!” and I was like “Double what?”

  17. Pull your thumbs to yourself, because this is a masterpiece.

  18. This was a like pep rally for Monsters. WE ARE VIDEOGUM!

  19. Best gifs of 2010?

    (Sorry if ya’ll already did this. I’ve been out of the loop.)

  20. today i’ll be taking home a bag of granola, a block of hot pepper cheese, a cheese knife and a WHOLE PIZZA from various work holiday gift baskets. and on top of all that, videogum gave me this today.


  21. Mistake Factory, you forgot the cat farting, which is clearly better than the iguana farting in the bathtub.

    “I’m only human, born to make mistakes.” – Human League and/or Gabe

  22. You know, it really was a fun year.

  23. I just want to say, I don’t get to comment alot because of my job but when I get home I practically watch the sun come up reading these threads. What I’m trying to say is even though the regulars don’t know me, I’ve been here since the beginning and I feel like I know all of you. So from the bottom of my heart I wish all you Monsters a Merry Chrismakah and a Happy New Years!

  24. And in tribute to the tribute, a retrospective mashup of a couple of 2010′s most memorable comments:

    Holy shit I just met Ellen Page and Gwyneth Paltrow in a weird looking kitchen, their minstrel cycles must be synced up and just like that, Jay-Z has 100 problems.

    That’s almost as powerful as werttrew’s hatred for the 2009 film Amelia, which can be summed up in this gif:

  25. My favorite video that wasn’t really viral of the year is Ron Livingston Keyboard Cat:

    Still the only video he’s updated, still no explanation. The greatest.

    • That is pretty great. All of it. The homage to Keyboard Cat. The fact that there is no description. The fact that it is his only video uploaded.

      Gorget it, Jeska, it’s Livingstown.

  26. I had almost forgotten about the guided tour of that completely normal guy’s VCR collection. Nothing distracts from apocalyptic oil spills and never-ending wars in the middle east like funny internet videos. It’s been a good year.

  27. Ghost ridin’ the whip made the cut! Thanks Gabe!

  28. do you guys want to share your lengthy opinions on don’t ask don’t tell and other matters? this is the right place to post all those lengthy screeds manifesto time you been saving up

  29. as someone who is in the middle of her annual West Wing rewatch, I definitely appreciated the theme song accompanying the crazy midterm election vids. amazing as always, Gabe, champion of my heart

  30. Can somebody post the videogum holiday schedule? I dont want to have to go to the trouble time and effort of checking this site if there is not going to be new content. Does the management celebrate Christmas?

  31. I’m grateful that everyone in NYC is being genuinely polite and friendly to each other this week. At least to me. Also that I ended 7 months of lurking and started commenting regularly.

    Big Happy Face- Me

  32. This time last year I came here for the first time for this same video. I’ve been intrigued since and lurking this place bring me great joy. Maybe I’ll comment more. WHO KNOWS

  33. Dealer: “And your laughter wager on this video, sir?”
    Me: (dramatic pause) “I’m all in.”

  34. Debbie downer: RIP little fainting goat cats. There’s a padded room just for you in the sky.

  35. That video was magnificent. Especially the part with Brodyquest, because that’s probably my favorite video from 2010.

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  36. Well done Gabe, now stare at this gif until your eyes bleed. It is wonderful. You cannot deny.

  37. The Sad Keanu meme died??????????????????

  38. Love this. It’s perfect for the person that PRETENDS that they don’t have enough time to watch all the viral videos that are sent to them.

  39. I wish I had gif picture frames, like how there are digital picture frames? They’d be like those still portraits like that guy having the tea party, but not as creepy (or even more creepy, choose your poison)— just a few frames of a video, looped forever and ever, as a picture. Like, imagine that you were in your living room and your couch’s end table had a picture of the tickle kitty that everyone loves so much. You know which kitty I’m talking about. The little gray one. As a gif picture. You’d be reading. Maybe you reach over to grab your mug of tea or whatever. You look over because hand-eye-coordination, and then you see that little kitty gif just blasting cuteness into your face. The days become brighter. Gif frames. It’s a really good idea.

    • Just upped my nerd factor. My mind went IMMEDIATELY to Harry Potter-world photos and thought in the wizarding world they have such things

  40. Thanks, Gabe (and intern)!

  41. “MEMORIUM?!?!”


    • I’m glad somebody else pointed out the misspelling of “memoriam”, so that I wouldn’t have to, but I’m not gonna lie: it took me a good 30 seconds to parse “hahajknowinwoodo.”

      I was like:

      haha, ok, got that
      j… probably means just, ok
      knowin… so he just is knowin something
      woodo…. wait, what? Haha, he’s just knowin woodo? Who or what is woodo, and how can I get to know it?

  42. A Tour-De-Horse, seriously!

  43. this video made me realize that, while it might not have been the best year, it was certainly not the worst year (1994 i’m looking at you). there were still many lols had, and even a few rofls. having a five minute video of many lols/rofls in one place was a very nice end of year treat. also i watched it while eating a tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwich, which made it that much treatier. good lookin out, gabe/tollhouse.

  44. I love you Videogum.

  45. After a year of reading The Hunt for The Worst Movie of All Time and Glee recaps, I just joined Videogum to tell you that this post fairly accurately sums up why and how much I love this site. All of you have made my fucking day, just as you have for many Thursdays before, and hopefully for many to come.

  46. I saw a tshirt that features most of these memes. It’s pretty sweet. http://www.tshirtlaundry.com/2010–A-Meme-Year-in-Review_p_1572.html

  47. I found this video list from a post a few days ago on Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s website. #37 shows she’s a master of sly humor. We don’t see much of that today.

  48. Cahoon’s also a classy lady. I’ve seen lots of stars imitate Audrey Hepburn lately but she comes the closest. She’s also not full of herself. She didn’t even know she made this list until now.

  49. New to Videogum. Just found #37 on KCC’s site too. Got hooked on it when I read her book!! I’ve read all the travel books. Hers definitely bests the competition in the 20 Euro countries she covers. Agree with those who say she’s a present day Audrey Hepburn.

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