With 2010 drawing to a close, we are left with many unanswered questions: What will be the long-term ecological ramifications of the BP oil spill? Will the Tea Party have a lasting effect on American politics, or was last fall’s election the beginning and end of their influence? DID COBB MAKE IT HOME TO HIS FAMILY OR WAS HE STILL DREAMING? Learning the answers to these burning questions is just a matter of time. We’ll learn about the fate of the Gulf of Mexico when its surface is a permanently black and smelly three-foot thick scrum of dead stuff. We’ll learn about the fate of the Tea Party when our hover-grandchildren ask us what the Tea Party was and we get embarrassed. And we will of course learn of Cobb’s fate in Incep2ion: The Edge of Reason. But there is one question posited by 2010 that I fear we will never be able to answer definitively, and that question is why the hell did Shaquille O’Neal conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra?

This guy knows what I’m talking about. (Via Flavorwire.)

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  1. This makes all the sense.

  2. Lest we forget, Mr. O’Neil is a musician:

  3. And just like that, Henderson & Sons Giant Tuxedos stays open for one more year.

  4. Why the hell did Shaquille O’Neal conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra?

    Because it’s easier for him than shooting free throws.

  5. Could that bassoon have come in any more late?

  6. I thought Shaq Vs. got canceled

  7. Why did Shaq sit around Harvard Square for a couple hours to ‘statue’ (this is a verb, obviously) with a bunch of people? Because Shaq is the best, duh. As someone who lives in the Boston area, I am glad Shaq plays and hangs out here now.

    • He’s been ridiculous in Boston. I’m not sure if he did this type of stuff in Cleveland or Miami or wherever else, but he’s been EVERYWHERE in Boston. I love it.

      • A year or so ago he used to tweet his location and and give tickets to the first people to find him. Don’t know if he’s done it since he moved here, though.

        • He hung a pair of his sneakers on a fence somewhere and tweeted the location.

          What he lack in physical fitness, youth and overall general heath he makes up for in dreaminess.

        • Yeah, he’s taking over this town. Every night there’s another news spot about him. He was riding the red line on Halloween dressed as a woman, and gave tickets to the first people that found him.

          He wouldn’t be the ugliest woman I’ve seen on that train…

    • it’s pronounced Shaqtue….GET IT RIGHT!

  8. and that’s my city…

    I mean, c’mon, it’s boston. people like sports. this was the only way wives could drag their husbands to this. or parents drag their kids.

    i just think it’s funny because it was in the paper and everyone was just like “oh hey, shaq is conducting the boston pops. everything’s normal, nothing to see here. move along.”

  9. Why does Gabe the racist have a problem with this? Is he running for governor of Mississippi? Good luck with that.

  10. Mr. Carruthers was just about to close his Frankenstein Tuxedos shop until that fateful call from The Boston Pops.

  11. I don’t know, I thought he sleighed it.

  12. This is to “Music Related Content” as purple drink is to grapes.

  13. And amazingly, not even near the top of the weird things Shaq has been a part of

  14. When I was 12 I got tickets to see Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child, but Christina got laryngitis and cancelled. We got to replace our tickets with another concert and my parents chose the Boston Pops. I feel this is an appropriate forum to state that I’m still pissed about that decision

  15. He’s better at conducting than he is at Scrabble…

  16. This is payback for Daniel Barenboim’s embarrassing stint as a center for the Lakers.

  17. He’s going for the G in EGOT (obviously the E, O, and T all inexplicably came from ‘Kazaam’)

  18. Even BIGGER question: Why is a member of a professional orchestra performing in a baseball cap?

  19. I think he is letting the second violins rush a little bit….

  20. The fact that he’s finally playing for the Celtics means that he WAS actually Irish all these years, right?

  21. Scoff all you want, but his interpretation of Schoenberg’s “Verklarte Nacht” immediately following this was exquisite!

  22. Why is nobody worrying about the actual conductor who handed Shaq the baton? The growing realization that the orchestra doesn’t really need you at all must be just awful. Or the realization that Shaq is as good as you are at your job when your job isn’t being professionally tall is probably also painful.

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