Aww, thanks, Trololo. Merry Christmas to YOU! (Thanks for the tip, Polythene Pam.)

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  1. This is what our children see before they die.

  2. oh my fucking god that is awesome (scary)

  3. I bet it took those kids forever to learn the lyrics.

  4. This is my nightmare. (Not the commenter.)

  5. Who invited Guy Fawkes and Hilary Clinton?


  7. Oh look, Brandon Routh managed to find another job. Good for you, Brandon Routh.

  8. Typical. FOX News sees a bunch of foreigners in masks and declares the War on Christmas to be lost.

  9. They really cleaned out the liquidation sale at the mask store.

  10. Can YOU spot the kids who didn’t bring a mask from home?

  11. “Mom! Dad! SHUT UP! This is MY recital!!!”

  12. So Santa and the Principal get named, but that poor girl in the light-up dress is just “A Fourth Grader”?

  13. That was extra creepy (that person in the Hilary Clinton mask will haunt my dreams), yes. But 100 times better than my little sister’s recital that included Train’s Hey Soul Sister. That was so lame, Mariemont elementary

  14. I prefer Bed Intruder Christmas:

    He’s climbing down your chimneys
    Eating your cookies up
    Trying to gift you
    So y’all need to tell your kids to hide their vice
    Tell your kids to hide their vice
    Tell your kids to hide their vice
    Cause he’s making a list of everybody out here.

    • Water, fire,air.dirt
      Fucking Santa how does he work?
      And I don’t want to talk to a scientist
      since those motherfuckers say he doesn’t exist

    • Whoa, that’s a star over Bethlehem. All the way.
      Star over Bethlehem.
      Oh my god, it’s a star over Bethlehem! All the way. Whoah. That’s so intense.
      Whoah. Man. Wow. Whoah. whoah.
      OH MAH HAH WOW! WOOO! Yeah! Oh my god look at that!
      It’s starting to even look like an angel from Heaven shining down from the star of Bethlehem!
      Oh my God it’s full on! Guardian angel from Heaven all they way across the sky!
      Oh my God! Oh my God!
      Oh. God.
      What does this MEAN? Uhhh. Oh my God. Uhhhh. Oooh. Oh God it’s so bright.
      Oh my God it’s so bright and vivid.
      Aaaahhhh!! Ahhhh!! Ahhhh!!
      It’s so beautiful!
      Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s an angel from Heaven. In my sheep farm in the hills over Bethlehem!
      Oh my god! Oh my god!
      what does it mean?? Tell me!
      Too much! Tell me what it means.
      *dog barks*
      *gasping for breath*
      Oh my God. It’s so intense.
      Ahhh. *sigh*
      Oh my God.

    • Tons of fucking Frankincense

    • Will it Blend: A Reindeer. Presented by Blendtec.

      *So sorry for this. So, so sorry.

  15. I think Racine, Wisconsin is about to become the next hot spot to live, vacation, just plain old BE.

  16. These kids just trololo’d their way into my heart.

  17. I think my aunt may have lived in Racine, Wisconsin, for awhile after her divorce.

    It makes sense that Anonymous is here, and at :23 no less.

    But and yes, last obsevation: the audience has choreography. That sometimes *differs* from the kids’ choreography. This elementary school Christmas concert gets more and more complicated! They should have just hired John Jacobson, obviously.

  18. I’m pretty sure at least one child is wearing a mask made out of human skin

  19. Trololo is alright, but I’m holding out for a Merry Christmas from Sha Na Na.

    (hoping someone else knows what I’m talking about)

  20. *obseRvation. I am full of chagrin.

  21. Merry Christmas!

  22. In all honesty, I thought this was awesome.

  23. “[Trololo man] Khil’s son Dmitry, also a musician, says his dad doesn’t really know what the Internet is and suspects all this newfound attention is some kind of joke.”

    This will only confuse him more.

  24. “The Town is suuuuuch a good movie!” -Your Chorus Director

  25. Everyone seems so scared. All I could think as I watched this was “why didn’t my choir directors do cool stuff like that?” It would have been fantastic.

  26. My Russian friend tells me that this is actually a very popular Russian song. Except she gets mad about it since I think it was made by the Soviet propaganda machine for indoctrination? I don’t know.

    Get on it, Obama.

  27. these kids reminded me of the kids on the bus in Trick r Treat. eep.

  28. The Langley Schools Music Project is just getting plain weird.

  29. Where is Racine, Wisconsin’s “Waiting for Guffman”?

  30. Check this out and you will understand

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