This is a recipe for DISASTER! Get it? Recipes? (The joke is that cookbooks have recipes in them but then “recipe for disaster” is a common expression about disaster. And Gwyneth Paltrow is the worst. So that is the joke, basically. Let me know if you don’t get it.)

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  1. I’ll file it between these two…

  2. I love when actresses pretend that they eat. “What should I make from this cookbook? Air sandwiches or hot water with lemon in it? Decisions, decisions.”

  3. The secret to her famous mac ‘n’ cheese? A sprinkle of charm with just a hint of platonic elegance.

  4. Is there anything she CAN’T do?

  5. I’m glad her good friend Mariocelli Batali was kinda enough to write the forward for her.

  6. I came across an axiom in a passage from a comment on a blog called Videogum in which the author, Frank Lloyd Wrong, observes the following: ‘You can divide people into two categories in life: people who want to punch Gwyneth Paltrow and teacherman.”

  7. A real passage from this cookbook which she wrote with what passes for her brain:

    When I was growing up, the tomato soup I had was Campbell’s, and how I love it to this day. This is how my mother and I remember it, anyway. Bizarrely, my father and brother always fought us on the validity of this story, as if one would hide serving canned soup for dinner … anyway, I boringly digress.”

  8. Country Strong Ham #gooprecipes

  9. Sliding Coors Light Marinated Chicken Fajitas

  10. I bet there’s a recipe for for liverWORST, haha

  11. It’s weird how they let Gabe come up with the title.

  12. Every time I read about Paltrow. I turn into Mrs. White from Clue:

    “I hated her… so… much, It–it… the f–, it–flame… flames… flames on the side of my face, breathing, breath… heaving breaths… heaving…”

  13. Didn’t we all love her making guacamole? (Wasn’t it guacamole?) (Was it just me who loved her? Probably. But really she seemed so down-to-earth then, so shouldn’t a cookbook by her be pretty good?)

  14. To Gwyneth:


    The World

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