I’m an adult, I don’t really care about the Academy Awards, and I find Anne Hathaway difficult to watch. (She seems like a frigid jerk and her face is so sharp it cuts my eyeballs.) But even I got excited by this video of Hathaway personally inviting the PS22 Chorus to perform at the Oscars. Kids scream the darndest screams!

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  2. Wait, does the host really have that power? To control the whole ceremony? I can’t wait to see it: “This year, the Oscars all go to Anne Hathaway. Every single one of them. Even best film. Now let’s all watch Love And Other Drugs on repeat for the next several hours.”

  3. This is almost exactly what the Monsters’ Ball would look like every week if we did it in person.

  4. You take back what you said about the pretty lady! Take it right back!

  5. Someone needs to tell those kids to

  6. Last time I heard these many kids scream was when Steve Winwood gave me a lift to the mall in his panel van.

    • Ugh…. that fucking van of his. He was supposed to give me a ride to the airport once and not only did he show up at my apartment only 20 minutes before my plane leaves, but because of the disturbing, airbrushed mural on both sides of his van we were promptly pulled over by the cops and I subsequently missed my very important flight. I mean, what kind of dude needs a giant picture of Jessica Alba’s face surrounded by skulls and butterflies with a Puerto Rican flag backdrop. It’s weird, Steve.

  7. Imagine how excited they would’ve been if it were the Teen Choice Awards instead!

  8. PS22?? HA! I already have an XboX.

  9. These kids in training to be in Oprah’s audience?

  10. Those kids are pretty much living out Sister Act 2 right now.

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