There is one very serious fundamental problem with Paul. Yes, it has an outstanding cast (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Jeffrey Tambor, Jesse Plemons) and was directed by Superbad‘s Greg Mottola. Yes, it clearly sends up a lot of sci-fi genre tropes in a way that hasn’t really been done in a long time, and besides, Spaceballs was more of a spoof than an original comedy anyways. Yes, it genuinely looks pretty good. But no matter what, no matter how many stars they get or how smartly they turn conventions on their head, no matter how well they combine low-key humor with gigantic Hollywood set-pieces, the fact of the matter is the movie will never be funnier than this. Oh well!

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  1. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: What if we have like a captured dopey alien, but the Russians or someone have a cool ass alien and they are willing to trade? If that asshole Julian Assange costs us a trade for a Paul-like alien I will be pissed.

    • Ever consider the fact that maybe Julian Assange is an alien? Let me blow your mind. if you rearrange the letters in “Julian Assange” you get “Alien Jags Anus.”

      The truth is out there.

  2. I get it! It’s funny because aliens love marijuana! At least, that’s what my dad used to tell me when he was going off about how Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden was ruining the country.

  3. So this is going to be good, and everything else Shaun Pegg and Nick Frost has been good. I can only come to one conclusion: Shaun Pegg and Nick Frost read their scripts.

  4. time to secretly watch “Spaced” at my desk.

    • someone downvoted watching “Spaced?” what kind of monster are you?!

      • I think there’s a rogue downvoter in our midst. Lately, I’ve been noticing stretches of perfectly cromulent comments on a given post getting downvoted by 1 all at about the same time.

        The power to downvote is a sacred trust that I fear is being abused.

        • I have noticed that and I’m trying to make up for it by giving pretty much blanket upvotes. Circle jerk, self congratulatory, yadda yadda whatever! Decent comments don’t deserve -1 ratings.

    • “Current affairs…what do you think of current affairs? I like them, I think they’re good.”

      Spaced is the best!

  5. On the one hand, I’m probably going to see this. On the other hand, I’m probably going to see this.

  6. Oh my gosh, between this and Your Highness, 2011 is going to be the greatest year in human history.

  7. Was this poster purchased at Eye In The Sky in the Brampton Shopper’s World circa 1997?

    Because I’m pretty sure this poster was purchased at Eye In The Sky in the Brampton Shopper’s World circa 1997

  8. Isn’t there a formula out there that relates the number of times someone gets kicked in the crotch in a trailer to how funny the movie is?

    Oh, wait – that wouldn’t work here because the ALIEN is the one getting kicked in the crotch. Now I’ll never know if this movie is funny or not.

  9. I think I saw Jane Lynch as the winking diner waitress, right? And the guy with the squeaky voice from I Love You Man as Bateman’s sidekick or something. Whoopie!

  10. Is it weird that I’m underwhelmed by this? I got precisely zero laughs from this trailer, but I’m going to keep my hopes up because of the outstanding star power in this film.

  11. It’s got a balls joke, a kick-in-the-balls joke, a gay joke, a weed joke, anal-probe humor, road trip flair, guns… there’s really nothing not to like. Of course that could be all there is to like, in which case you can wait for the trailer on home video.

  12. The alien sounds too much like Seth Rogan to me. I may not know much about aliens (OR DO I???) but I know they don’t sound like Seth Rogan.

  13. I find them both less attractive with longer hair and therefore not as funny.*


    *i’m still going to see this movie. VALENTINE’S DATE!

  14. Okay, so, the alien acts mostly like a human, and enjoys human things, and sounds like an English speaking human – why not just throw a goofy hat on Seth Rogan, tell everyone he’s an alien, and call it a day? Do we really need the CGI alien?

  15. I liked it when the alien Paul asked who ate all the Pecan Sandies.

    (It’s ET but with guns meets Roger from American Dad but with Rogan in place of McFarlane meets Shaun of the Dead but with weed)

  16. did anyone else notice… “WE’VE GOT COMPANY!!!”

  17. I can not watch a film where Michael Bluth is the bad guy.

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