Most of television aired its Christmas specials last week, so the only new show last night was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s one-hour Christmas special. Fine by me! That is a funny show and that was a funny special! My favorite line, quite easily, was when Danny Devito insisted that he didn’t want a big funeral, and said, “When I’m dead, just throw me in the trash.” Haha. THAT IS ACTUALLY A SENTIMENT I KIND OF BELIEVE IN. When you die you are dead, so enough already. And even if there was something beyond this daily nightmare, it still seems like it’s a “bodies? Where we’re going we don’t need…bodies” type of situation, right? Toss it on the pile. And with that, we conclude the Thursday Night TV Open Threads of 2010. Can you believe it? Perhaps we should take this moment to think back on all of our favorite parts from the year in sitcomertainment. Or perhaps we should recognize that television already drains far too much of our precious time and energy (and believe me, those things ARE precious, because we only get so much of each and then it is onto the garbage heap of rotting bodies we go) and we should take this opportunity to talk about more important things that are meaningful and emotionally engaged and sincere.

Just kidding. Remember when Jack said that thing to Liz? Remember how Outsourced is racist? Remember other stuff?

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  1. I just put my dishwasher on shuffle and watched kitten .gifs. Who needs writers?

  2. aw crap forgot to watch sunny in philadelphia last night, was too busy watching “exit through the gift shop.” yall seen that movie? fucking five stars from me as far as I’m concerned. rad movie

  3. I watched the 4th and 3rd-to-last episodes of the Wire last night. Without spoiling anything, let me just say I’m very sad about something.

  4. Alas, I didnt get to watch anything last night because my mom is visiting and I had to spend time with her :-(

  5. hey somebody told me this is a rerun of last years sunny in philadelphia christmas special. is this true and did gabe lie to us?

    • I thought it was a rerun about 5 minutes in and changed it so unless they seriously changed it up I think it was a repeat from last year

    • Yes, it was a reshowing of last year’s special.

    • It’s not a reshowing. It was released on DVD/Blu-Ray last year, but it never aired on television.

      • So you claim…

        • So I claim it too, “Steve.” It only was released on dvd. Never aired. When you think about it money-wise, they released the Christmas Special around the end of the last year and whoever bought it got to see it, and they never aired it on tv because that would be an act of cutting themselves off at the ankles of their potential profits. Who would buy it if they already saw it on television?

          Then, almost a year later they put it on the air for the first time, right now being the time of year where people want to watch Christmas-themed special shows, and maybe people will go out and buy it again this year, being reminded they never bought it last year.

          Also, in case anyone wasn’t sure of Always Sunny’s continuity, a big tip off should have been when Mac and Charlie were in Mac’s house rummaging around all his childhood posessions, seeing as Mac’s mom burned down that house this past season and is now living with Charlie’s mom.

  6. Guys, I’m sitting in an airport, about to fly home for Christmas, and just wanted to off topic say HAPPY HOLIDAYS and I wish there was new Thursday night TV I could watch right now.

  7. Only stupid babies who are not cool talk about things that are meaningful and emotionally engaged and sincere.

    I’m going to do push-ups and then drink Fanta while shouting at passing cars from a second floor bathroom window.

  8. I’m sorry for this. Kinda.

  9. Who wants to talk favorite Always Sunny moments this year?

    Yeah, you do. I’m mean if you guys said no, then the answer obviously is no. The thing is that you’re not gonna say no, you’d never say no…because of the implication.

  10. Okay, I can’t think of a better thread to try to bring this up, even though it’s still totally not on-topic, but I want to hear if Monsters care…the trailer for Tree of Life? The new Malick? Anyone as nearly uncontrollably excited as I am?

    • Yes! Just saw that on Kottke. Ever since The Thin Red Line took a black cat to my frontal lobe, I’ve been a die-hard Malick defender, which can get difficult sometimes.

      But Tree of Life, I almost feel like I will need to watch this in the comfort of my own home, because I like to have my existential crises on my own time, thank you very much.

      • Malick helps solves my existential crises more than cause them, and I’ve never seen any of his in theaters, so I plan on going right away, but it’ll be weird knowing the endurance test going in. Is Thin Red Line your favorite?

        • You’ve got to see them in the theater! I can still recall seeing The New World, and during that shot where the boat approaches the swamps of Virginia, and the overture from The Rheingold is playing, oh that’s something marvelous when writ large across the sky, my friend.

          I say existential crises because, as I realized watching the trailer, I am in a much different place than I was when The Thin Red Line came out. And this one seems to be such an all-encompassing film (which, honestly, other Malick films certainly were as well, but none of them were so grounded in contemporary life as this one seems to be) that I’m actually nervous about where it will take me.

          Also, I think that I’m investing far too much in a film. And yes, Thin Red Line is my favorite.

  11. favorite 2010 moment

  12. Remember when Parks and Rec was the best show on television because of Ron Swanson and Andy, then NBC replaced it with racist trash?

  13. I was watching last week’s episode of Peep Show last night. Why don’t we ever talk about how great Peep Show is?

  14. My favorite TV moment of 2010 was when I re-watched Babylon 5 on Netflix streaming. I even kind of enjoyed some of the first season episodes!

    Kind of.

  15. Favorite moment? It’s a tie, for EVERY MOMENT THAT COMMUNITY WAS ON. So I just chose one to represent the group:

  16. Yeah can we just make this a thread with the best Community GIFS? Thank you.

  17. remember yesterday when franklloydwrong posted that funny marmaduke situation, then steve winwood responded with a comment about how big that dog is and HAHAHA? i am still laughing about that. i have had the WORST WEEK, and i actually teared up when someone smiled at me on the bus b/c there has been so little kindness and gentleness this holiday season, and that comment turned it all around. and goodness gracious, it was steve winwood.

  18. Does anyone else watch Blood Brothers? That is a solid show.

    Also…The Good Wife.

  19. I just needed to type a comment because my last entry sounded like a cry for help and I was tired of seeing atop my profile page. I like Thursday Night Television. That is all.

  20. daily show was rad last night had some good LOLs

  21. “See this shirt? It’s covered in blood. Santa’s blood, you goddamn lunatic!” -Mac to Charlie

    The Sunny Christmas special was ‘new to me’, and I thought it was fantastic, one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen out of the show in a while.

    Frank’s ‘fake out’ gift to Dennis and Dee when they were kids…priceless.

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