There are very few people who are infallibly entertaining to watch while also seeming like genuinely decent human beings. Amy Sedaris is one of them. So watch her.

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  1. Sounds like the beginnings of a Videogum promise.

  2. Dolphin Banana is the name of my fictional indie band

  3. I went to go see her brother read at the apollo (Amy was there with her whole family) and it was my first experience at the venue. #pardonmywhiteness

  4. As much as I always wanted to be the third Bestie x Bestie, I would also be pretty happy if they brought Amy in every once in a while.

  5. I have implemented some of her cooking and party tips and was very successful. Party at my house!

  6. Before it was painted, the upside-down-dreidel-on-a-champagne-cap looked like a T-4 bacteriophage.


  7. Colbert and Amy were on Strangers With Candy together and now Amy was on Colbert’s show! – Professor Obvious

  8. Unrelated, but in 25 minutes, I will take my last final of the semester *phew*. Send Sedaris-level happy thoughts my way, please!

  9. When Colbert brought out the finished dreidel tree, I just imagined an intern in a closet-cubicle painting it green with nail polish. And I was jealous.

  10. Amy Sedaris really is the best! Ever.

  11. I expected him to turn the dreidel into a Christmas tree ornament. If you’re reading this, you can keep that idea, Amy!

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