Admittedly, your parrot is still pretty adorable, even if he is singing your favorite song. “Love my parrot, love that song,” that is what you say. “I’ve got an entire Zune with nothing on it but that song.” That is you again. (Via everywhere. Thanks for the tip, Eric, Maude, Jane, and Josh.)

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  1. Could be worse. Could be these guys. (actually it’d probably be just as bad)

  2. It would be lazy to say I would rather listen to this than the actual song if it weren’t so fucking true.

  3. Turns out Polly IS a cracker.

  4. Didju guys hear about the story where the woman let her invalid mother die and the cops found the parrot was saying “helllp meeee HA HA HA HA” and they think the parrot’s “help me” was the mom and the laughter was the daughter’s laughter. Think I read that on the awl blog site maybe cant remember

  5. Stuff White People Like

  6. On the phone with Animal Care and Control right now. We need to get that parrot out of there. (That house is somewhere in Florida, right? I’m assuming Florida. It’s Florida.)

  7. It’s actually pretty appropriate. The parrot’s owners never change the cage; he is literally drowning in poo.

  8. Parrots are the world’s douchebag frat boys. Always copying the latest trends, doing whatever their big brothers tell them to do and having terrible taste in music.

  9. Am I the only one who found this hysterically funny? I couldn’t breathe from laughing, I was snorting and crying. I mean I thought it was ridiculously funny. Shut-down-the-internet-funny. Every time he does that “rahhhh” thing I lose it.

  10. Can you imagine how many times this guy must have played the song for the bird to catch on?

  11. Ooh! Do “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” next!

  12. Cool bird, “peachy525″.

  13. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hatebeak is pissed right now.

  15. if you guys saw the movie Prestige starring Hugh Jackman you would see birds being mistreated as part of a “trick” aka an illusion. time for axl to use your illusion

  16. Was that from the extended director’s cut of The Exorcist?

  17. I finally sent something good enough to tips@videogum and forgot to use my fake internet name. WHY DIDN’T HIGH SCHOOL PREPARE ME FOR THIS STUFF???

  18. He sounds like Grover. And he brings it better than most X Factor contestants.

  19. Let the bodies hit the newspaper lining the bottom of my bird cage.

  20. I usually don’t share personal information about myself, but “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” is the song I listen to while doing the dishes. It just makes the time go by faster, and it doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore.

  21. Wow, that script eats part of a comment from earlier on the page. Annoying, but well written, I bet that gets it past spam filters.

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