Oh, thank you, Kardashians, but you really shouldn’t have. Like, I wish you wouldn’t have.

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  1. This morning I showed this picture to some of my young cousins.

    And now for some reason I’m uninvited to Christmas??

    • My favorite part the second gif is when for a brief second, before returning to screaming, the middle kid looks at his parent with adult level disgust and disappointment.

  2. Kardashian through the snow, in a one— aww fuck it, who cares

  3. Some Christmas card, not one person wearing this:

    “War on Christmas” more like it.

  4. Man, that one-year-old wearing a suit creeps me the fuck out. I hope he shits all over that very expensive outfit.

  5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is making it hard to Keeping Down My Lunch.

  6. I see they decided to go the Elaine Benes route when choosing their dresses.

  7. What’s really awkward is the video special: A Kardashian Khristmas Special: Sex Tape Edition.

  8. So… the Kardashians are the Sopranos? I feel like the first picture wants me to come to some sort of conclusion

  9. I really hope this is accompanied by an obnoxious note detailing their accomplishments.

    “Khole has been very busy fame-whoring this year…”

    • Actually, the Year in Review letter that came with my (personally addressed) Kardashian Christmas card just had a url directing me to TMZ.com.

  10. You know what my favorite part about this card is? The recession.

  11. I bet Kardashian the Third was flogged for not putting her left hand on her hip. Nonconformist!

    Also, barf.

  12. In Christmas card photos, an airbrushed expression of constipation is the new smile.

  13. Anybody else remember those puzzles from Highlights, where there are 6 nearly identical objects, and you have to find the hidden differences? This is pretty much the same, except it makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

  14. I find their ballsy, all-out narcissism mesmerizing. Next Christmas, I want this photo again, except this time they’ll all be kissing themselves in a mirror.

  15. As long as Odom keeps posting double-double’s he can be in as many bizarre family photos as he wants.

  16. This is one of those cases where Pro Click = No Click

  17. Were they going for “The Addams Family Values” vibe *on purpose*?

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