Some nerds are currently recreating the entirety of Home Alone on Twitter. As nerds will.

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  1. Does that mean the tweet by tweet recap of Twilight is next? or is it going to be the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy?

    • True Story- When I was younger, I looked so much like Home Alone-era Maculy that my teachers called me… “Home Alone”. When watching this movie, my little sister would ask, “Why is bubba on TV?” Such was my life.

  2. Look what they did, the little jerks.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t own Home Alone :(

  4. Does this mean we can start the Hunt for the Worst Movie Recreated on Twitter of All Time? #WMROTOAT?

  5. i have to say this really brought me some christmas cheer
    touché nerds, touché indeed

  6. Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF.

  7. They’d have more experience recreating “In Bed Alone”, amirite guys? HAY-OH.

  8. Nah man…I don’t even care…if i’m alone…just chillin…you know, man…dude

  9. just friended Devin Ratray (Buzz) on facebook…i’ll keep you guys informed….so far he’s still fat and evil looking

  10. Is there any way I can see this without having a Twitter account? I refuse to have a Twitter account.

  11. Almost as cool as when my entirely white rural high school English class read Raisin in the Sun out loud to each other. In “accents”.

  12. This reminds me of the time Gabe tweeted that some nerds were recreating the entirety of Home Alone on Twitter.

  13. Man, this is way stupider than what Twitter is normally used for.

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