So intense.

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  1. “You like me, you double-complete like me” – Paul Vasquez

  2. Gabe must’ve found his sex advice really useful.

  3. Ahem, I think you’re forgetting somebody?

  4. All the monsters are my persons of the year. Y’all are the best!

  5. Well I’ve finally found an outfit for Gabe to go with that thong I got him for Christmas.

  6. and of course


  8. Okay, fair enough, Double Rainbow Guy, but you all know who’s Videogum Dog of the Year??


    Join the Birdie fan club!

  9. I am assuming this came down to a tie between Gwyneth Paltrow, Mel Gibson, and Double Rainbow guy and you just closed your eyes and pointed at one… that is probably EXACTLY what happened.

  10. “Snubbed again!”
    -Me, 2006 Time Person of the Year Winner and 2010 Hopeful.

    • I shouldn’t be bitter. The truth is that I love Paul Vasquez. I have elaborate fantasies about hanging out in a yurt with him, smoking weed and just talkin’ about stuff. I bet he has really great insights on modern consumer culture.

  11. Well, at least it wasn’t Obama, like it was the last 5 years.

  12. “I’ll show you, Time Magazine! I’ll show you in exactly two years!”
    -Mayan Long-Count Calendar

  13. The double rainbow guy arguably had a bigger impact on 2010 than Mark Zuckerberg:

  14. So excited!

  15. Huh. “High Times” chose the same person.

  16. I hope this means that Gabe will like the solar powered double rainbow maker I got him for Christmas!

  17. You know how the Blair Witch Project movie poster used to scare you as a young teen? Thanks for reminding me why it still scares me.

  18. You don’t see 2 rainbows without making a few enemies.

  19. Tons of Fucking Sequins guy was robbed!

  20. These year end retrospective pieces are reminding me that the date will soon be 1/1/11. What does it mean?

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