Whoa. This actually looks really good? Like, sure, it’s got a Can’t Hardly Wait meets Superbad meets Hot Tub Time Machine vibe to it, but that is an entirely pleasant vibe. Nothing wrong with that vibe. If I walked into a party that had that vibe I would be like “cool vibe. Cool party.” Vibe vibe vibe. Also, despite the obvious cliches of a drifting post-college pre-adult wishing one night of drunken abandon would “fix” their “life,” the trailer has some good jokes in it and also Chris Pratt is in it (CHRIS PRATT!!!) and also Topher Grace co-wrote it (CO-WROTE IT!!). Mostly, this movie trailer just makes me excited for when I finally get to write my nostalgic coming-of-age movie. It is going to be called Bullet with Butterfly Wings and it is going to be exactly like this except that it is going to be set in the 1990s, no der, and instead of working at a Suncoast video, the hero is going to be temping at the hospital, and instead of lying to a beautiful girl about working at Goldman Sachs in order to win her heart at the big party, he’s going to drive to Einstein’s bagels and buy bagels because his mom said she needed him to go buy bagels and as long as he was back living in the basement, he needed to start helping out around here. TWO THUMBS WAY UP.

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  1. Don’t you mean, “set in the 1890′s”? Don’t try to trick us.

  2. I’m afraid I can’t support this movie, on the grounds that Anna Faris spent so much time filming it, when she SHOULD have spent that time being married to me, instead.

  3. And, of course, subtle but unmentioned variations of “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?” remain popular in syndication

  4. I wasn’t really sure when this movie was set, but then, rolled up blazer sleeves. 80s! BOOM.

  5. This just looks like one of those movies that would make me super uncomfortable the whole time. I don’t like hidden identities! I just spend the whole time thinking of how hurt and confused the other person will be and then I’ll be all like ****groan****.

    • So it isn’t just me. I can sit through and enjoy incredibly tense films where all the characters are at risk of dying in nearly every frame, and yet this plot contrivance stresses me to no end. That and the closely related misunderstanding-that-could-be-solved-with-a-ten-second-conversation-but-gets-dragged-out-for-the-final-30-minutes-of-the-film twist rom-coms love so well.

  6. Topher Grace? Demetri Martin? Chris Pratt? One ticket, please!

  7. Haha. Is it weird that I thought this movie featured a blonde Kristen Stewart? I was like, “oh, so she is a versatile actress! Now she is a blonde!” I’m so happy I was wrong.

  8. It has Kristen Stewart, so i must hate it

    But i has Topher Grace, so I must love it.

  9. Good god, is this a joke? This movie looks insipid and inane just like millions of movies just like it. Gabe is fucking with us clearly.

  10. His career began in 1998 on That 70′s Show. It ended on Take Me Home Tonight. He’s *IS* an astronaut.

  11. I do love that song.

  12. A movie named after a song you wrote? This is probably the highlight of Eddie Money’s career.

  13. Just reminded me that I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Oops! Looks like a pretty good movie though!

  14. Perhaps it is just the fact that I grew up in a very small town in Kentucky, but working at the video store (called Title Wave) was a really good job. I mean, can someone from Goldman-Sachs erase the $20 fine for returning “Dirty Dancing” three weeks late? Nope.

    If you did well, you could move to being attendant for the tanning beds in the back, a rural Apollo.

  15. Sure, that seems like a cool vibe. But you know what are cooler than vibes? Smocks.

  16. I have reservations, but the fact that Anna Faris calls TG on the LIIIEEEEEEE makes me happy. Because I have to say, that is one of my least favorite movie tropes. “Oh, I will lie to my idealized love interest in order to foster a false connection, but in the end it will turn out a-ok!”

    No! It won’t! Not because working at a video store is terrible and no one will love you for it, but because that is a weird red-flag raising thing to do. I do not care what Zach Braff says. Lying is not a charming attribute in a love interest!

    • And they all have that moment where the young woman finds out, is angry and then the young man says, “I’m sorry. I know it was dumb, but I just love you so much.” And BLAM, all is well.

      It teaches young boys that it is okay to lie to get someone to like you and young girls that you should forgive him if he lies because he only did it out of “love”.

    • I wouldn’t say that lying to impress a girl is OK, or charming, or even that it would have any chance of working.

      However, in imaginary person’s defense, he’s supposed to be, like, 18, and that is an extremely pretty girl.

    • but lying can also get you a sweet job where all you have to do is say “I’m right on top of that, Rose!”

  17. I wanted my coming of age story to be like Y Tu Mama Tambien, but it ended up being more like Weekend At Bernie’s II.


  19. “It’s life. Jump into putting some relish on your hot dog.”

  20. I’m worried about Gabe, you guys.

  21. My 1988 had a lot less parties, stolen cars and liquor and a lot more epic G.I. Joe battles in the backyard.

    My point? Any want to play G.I. Joes?

    • I’m game, but my 1988 had a lot of me still pooping my pants and expecting someone else to clean it up. You going to take that bullet Commander Wrong?

    • Ugh. I saved up all those battle points and bought the hooded cobra commander and he couldn’t even survive one parachuting down the staircase before his head broke off. UGH.

      But yeah, I’ll be by with the rest of my ACTION FIGURES, THEY’RE NOT DOLLS!! later.

  22. Not to notpick, because this movie looks just fine, but is the a reason it needed to be set in the 80s? Like, wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to work at a video store now that they’re almost obsolete?

    • Also: Way to half-ass commit to the time period. Half the time I was like, ‘did they mean 1998?’ Period films like this always balk when it comes to simple things like haircuts. So weird.

    • aw, man. I work at a Blockbuster you guys!

      • Looks like you have a night of mad cap self actualization ahead of you!

        • Our staff party tonight is going to be depressing.
          “Hey, hey everyone! So not only are all the locations in the states going belly up but there’s a new movie coming out that essentially says our livlihood is devoid of any meaning! Woo! Let’s get dddruunk!”

  23. This movie looks TOTALLY GOOD, but, post-college years? Like, immediately post-college? Cause Topher and Anna Faris are solidly 30s and both look it. This reminds me of last week when I went to an alumni thing and was talking to cute 22 year olds, until I realized that I wasn’t having Real Fun because it was really Reliving Your Youth Is Exhilarating!! Fun, and I started to feel like Cougar Town and went home and put myself to bed because it was a work night.

  24. Teresa Palmer! I worked with her on a movie over the summer, and she’s really nice. After I met her, I found out that she was dating Topher Grace, so when the wrap party came around, I was secretly hoping he’d be there. Then she showed up with some guy that looked kind of douchey and wasn’t Topher Grace at all. So you can imagine my disappointment.

  25. this is maybe the first thing i’ve ever watched involving anna faris that didn’t make me want to fight her or vomit on her. that’s kind of exciting.

  26. are you serious? this movie looks beyond terrible.

  27. Awesome. It’s like John Hughes is still alive and still shitting out horrible movies.

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