No joke. This is great.

Oh man, you guys, remember 2010? Never forget. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. I think Ratatat can make anything great.

  2. Is a year without a Larry the Cable Guy film even a year worth remembering?

  3. I don’t know if I understand the point of this. And that’s coming from someone who watched a 13 second video of a cat in a Christmas tree 90+ times.

    • It’s like Girl Talk but with movies, and less cocaine

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        • I honestly don’t know half the more popular songs he uses. I like it more so that when I’m then at a party where they’ve got random rap songs on I can be like, shit I know 5 seconds of this song!! Therefore I can get some amusement out of pop music.

        • In principle, I agree 110%. There really is something quite trashy about being entirely dependent on that “oh man I know both of these songs” childish thrill for your success, even if you are quite skilled at combining those songs.

          In practice, I have definitely found myself quite enjoying some bits of Girl Talk.

    • If you’re trying to figure out the point of a video, then I think you’ve lost sight of why the internet exists.

    • I think that by breaking up mediocre films into interesting bits and then stitching together all the bits, this youtube person is able to fool us into thinking movies were fun in 2010 and also that that they contained interesting and coherent themes that got developed throughout the year even though of course nope.

    • Well, that cat in the Christmas tree was pretty awesome and it set the bar REALLY high for everything that came after it.

  4. If this was nominated for a Golden Globe we wouldn’t all be bitching

  5. Well, I feel accomplished that I’ve seen like 4 of these movies.

    • I saw 22 (I counted them, for some reason, but I should have seen a lot more. Half of the entries is was “Oh man, I have that queued somewhere”.)

    • In your defense, a lot of these m*fuckers– Tron, Somewhere, True Grit, etc– haven’t even come out yet. Others– The Tempest, Black Swan– opened like five minutes ago.

      Also, a lot of the rest are junk.

  6. Hey guys. Remember earlier this morning in the Gwyneth Paltrow thread where I just about stopped short of calling her the worst person on the face of the planet ever?

    I forgot…

    Mea Culpa.

    • Insufferable

    • I’m tempted to side w/ KH over GP for the following reasons:

      -KH is a former child actor and therefore automatically qualifies for some of my sympathy.

      -I find KH more pleasing to look at. While her films may be unwatchable, that very factor means I do not watch them and do not experience her through them. Instead I know her mainly as a lady magazine cover model, which she is good at! GP may make better movies but is forgettable in all of them and as a lady whose picture is on things I think she cannot reach the lofty standard set by KH, who in photographs can look actively appealing.

  7. I’d watch this movie.

  8. I think “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” got shit on a lot this year. I’m happy it got some solid representation in this montage.

  9. Gabe, you were not joking. This IS great.

  10. McNulty!!!

  11. You know what else you should never forget? The Monster Mean Girls…

  12. Tony Stark is a dick and everyone who laughs with him is a dick too. Jeez that clip brought up some feelings I forgot I had.

  13. Wait, Leonardo Dicaprio was in a movie this year? I thought he retired after Titanic.

  14. but seriously, how cool is walking in slow motion?

  15. I have a final in 40 mins, but this totally warrants my attention. Clever how the only parts of bad movies we see don’t tell anything about the plot, so I guess Chloe was about Amanda Seyfried smiling a lot.

  16. Wait, Tooth Fairy came out THIS year? I would have guessed 2008. 2010 has been a long-ass year!

  17. I can honestly say I’ve only seen one film (Toy Story 3) out of that entire montage. Yet somehow I don’t feel as if I missed anything of worth.

    • If you only saw one, that’s a pretty great one to see! But I would recommend you check out Black Swan, Inception, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and The Social Network. After that you really didn’t miss that much.

  18. I cannot wait to see this reproduced, uncredited, on the Tonight Show

  19. This is probably better than the thing I’m about to link to, but the thing I’m about to link to is still one of my favorite things:
    40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

  20. Somehow this video made every movie that came out this year seem incredibly cool, including “Grown Ups” and “Shrek 4″. Never underestimate the power of a good montage.

    • I know, right? I was like, WHY DIDN’T I SEE THESE GREAT MOVIES! …oh wait, Shrek was dumb. and there was A LOT of that girl from that terrible musical and Mean Girls who could tell if it’s going to rain by squeezing her boob. (or something. that blonde one. i’m not E! news.)

      If only most of those movies were half as good as the montage.

  21. This montage is missing several notable movies from this year if you look at the full list of films featured here. Weird that they found time for THE TOOTH FAIRY and THE SPY NEXT DOOR but not for any of these:

    Carlos (runner up for BEST FILM of the year in the LA Film Critics awards)
    A Woman, A Gun & A Noodle Shop
    The Illusionist (not the Ed Norton movie, the animated one)
    The Square
    Mother & Child
    Winnebago Man

    I only point this out because there are so many other small movies that no one knows about that were chosen to feature here, and the dude clearly seemed interested in being thorough. If the argument is that a few of these were technically “2009″ films, then consider that The Lovely Bones is also technically a “2009″ film yet it was in this clip.

    • Also the Yellow Hankerchief. It’s that clip with Kirsten Stewart and Eddie Redmayne. I think it came out in 2008 or something like that, and it was here for some reason.

  22. The only thing this is missing RELEASE THE KRAKEN.

  23. Uh-oh, I think I like the band Civil Twilight? Is that cool? I don’t know anymore. Also “Tiny Furniture” got a shout out! Loved that movie…

  24. 3:08 – the time it took for Philip Seymour Hoffman to appear.

    …This year has been pretty low on the Hoffman scale.

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