Paramedics responding at the scene report that the accident was NOT pee-related, although Hugh Jackman was “completely soaked in pee, just soaked.” They added: “kind of funny how he got injured on the set of a talk show rather than one of his action movies. Not as funny as when he pees his pants, which is constantly, but, you know, funny.”

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  1. I bet he was in a pissy mood afterward

  2. I’m enjoying the EYErony that his Wolverine claws were NOT the things to give him a scratched cornea.

  3. First person to gif this gets in the Monster’s Ball*
    *note Ian does not have the power to guarantee this

  4. Is he allergic to bees?

  5. While it was not pee-related, it WAS stupid-stunt-that-benefits-nobody related. So don’t worry, guys, there’s still plenty of reasons to hate him.

  6. i’m just glad he didnt seriously damage his eyes, because how else would I lose myself in them?

  7. “You get some pee, and you get some pee, and YOU get some pee”

  8. I’m sure the paramedics just didn’t do a very thorough job; theres no way that he didn’t injure himself by slipping in a puddle of his own urine. Just because there weren’t the usual pee stains on his pants doesn’t mean that urine was completely uninvolved. I mean, let’s be realistic here!

  9. Also, jokes about Hugh Jackman peeing himself will never not be hilarious and the best. Fact. I rest my case.

  10. audience reaction after accident (of course):

  11. Just watched the Hugh Jackman movie The Prestige last night. Rad movie. Four stars out of five stars. Don’t understand the cyber bullying hate that this Gabe fella has toward this actor or toward Gwenyth Paltrow either for that matter. Maybe he’s just trying to be a little Mary Mary quite contrary? We all have our little pleasures in life twss

  12. Hugh unleashed the pee, while Oprah unleashed the…

  13. Goddamn, Magneto.

  14. There’s a part of me that doesn’t like laughing at the Jackman urine jokes because I think he’s a good actor. But the other part of me knows that it’s really funny when a grown man FREEZE his pants, ICEpecially on stage in front of everyone, and then says it’s because the actor in him took over.

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