She wasn’t Sailor Moon but now she is Sailor Moon.

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  1. C’mon Sailor Pluto, give it up. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

  2. More like Sailor Boobs amirite? Wait she’s like 12 right? I’m wrong

  3. Today we are all Sailor Moon.

  4. That’s the best Sailor Moon Transformation I’ve seen YET.

  5. We should all be to lucky to find something in this world that makes glower with intensity.

  6. She’ll never make 1st mate with a transformation like that…peh…

  7. “I just had the scariest dream.”

  8. Still better than Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

  9. Honestly, the sheer number of Sailor Moon jokes I could make in this situation– to say nothing of their breathtaking specificity– is proof enough that I have no business making fun of anyone.

  10. “Meanwhile, in the back office of a 99 cent store…”

  11. In me blossoms a sadness I can neither describe nor understand. Like a rose of melancholy.

  12. I am glad you guys enjoy my girlfriend’s Sailor Moon cosplay, and I hope we can all share our favorite self-made cosplay videos in the future.

  13. That’s not the Sailor Moon theme song I remember. This sounds more like music for a commercial about a retirement community. (Kingdom of the Moon Manor, anyone?)

    • Oh God, here I go….

      That was used in the actual Japanese versions of the show. The music heard for the English releases was Americanized. Actually, the original company that released Sailor Moon in the States went so far as to flip the screen so the cars appeared to be driving on the right side of the road.

      I’m not going to explain why I know this.

    • Pretty sure it’s the original transformation theme, you’re likely more familiar with the music that was substituted for the North American DIC Entertainment release.

      “Jesus Christ.”- rajma

      • I love you both for pointing that out and making sure I didn’t have to do it myself, looking like the biggest nerd. We can all share that title together.

      • I was recently searching for the lyrics to Oh Holy Night, but typed in Oh Starry Night instead. I then proceeded to listen to the entire North American Sailor Moon soundtrack on youtube. It was not my greatest hour.

    • I wish I could say I was “nerdbaiting” you guys, but I honestly had no idea. I got served! Props to twilly and rajma.

  14. God, I was really trying to only speak through gifs this week… finds an appropriate one for every story…. but I give up. Sailor Moon girl: You made me give up.

  15. I, twilly, will admit to knowing all the actual movements Sailor Moon uses in her transformation. This may or may not have been achieved by practicing in the family TV room.

    Seriously, it’s not like she’s even trying to be authentic.

    • Don’t worry, Twilly. We’ll show her when our Sailor Moon cosplay group takes first prize at next year’s NerdopaloozaCon. My Sailor Venus costume is all ready.

  16. Look, when I was a wee ReachingHand, not 12 years of age, I really liked anime. So imagine my surprise when I saw a t-shirt at my local Suncoast store with Sailor Moon on it! “Sugoi!” I probably said to myself, and I purchased it with my allowance money or some shit. Upon wearing it to school the next day my friends helpfully informed me that my shirt had ‘girls’ on it and was ‘gay’. Last time I ever wore that shirt, I tell you what. I quickly moved on to Neon Genesis Evangelion, which at least had giant, neon colored robots and garbled religious overtones my 13-year-old brain could not entirely get around. NERD TALK

  17. transformacion de sailor moon esta muy pequeno y peligroso, donde cuanto es la quarto pollo chico? Se gusta semana regalo y lugar jugo de jamba naranja

  18. That is some seriously lethargic transforming. Like, why go to all the trouble of procuring the costume and cutting together pieces of video if you’re not going to be at least halfway psyched about it?

  19. I was going to be Sailor Mercury for Halloween, but I didn’t have time to make a costume. This video motivates me to not only make a costume but also make a better video. I mean, sheesh, there needs to be more pizzazz.

  20. it’s jared leto all over again!

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