In order to introduce a story about a man suffering from “10 to 20 bloody bowel movements a day,” CNN played a clip from Dumb and Dumber in which Jeff Daniels has explosive diarrhea into a toilet. Get it? You get it. CNN definitely gets it. Because it makes sense.

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  1. Poop jokes.

    There, now we can close the comments thread

  2. I think poops are funny!

  3. Ha! CNN’s ratings must be going down the… um… Wait, I had something for this.

  4. It’s funny because that’s what I think of every time I turn on CNN. BUH-ZING!

  5. I’d have gone with this one, just for good measure.

    “Basil, this coffee tastes like shit!”

  6. If you have a more appropriate scene from that movie, I’d like to know what it is.

  7. Wait, we’re not complaining about this, are we? This is amazing and whoever was involved should get all the raises.

  8. Whoops, I clicked through and Mediaite commenters are literally the biggest idiots in the world

  9. I pray everyday that I can find a copy of the SNL sketch where Jeff Daniels is forced to watch that scene 12 times when trying to do an interview. It’s too good.

  10. Has CNN done this before? All my grandmother does is watch the news and the last time she visited us literally the only thing she would talk to me about was this scene from Dumb and Dumber. This went on for 3 weeks.

  11. CNN are so late with everything they probably thought they’d get some money for promoting an upcoming release.

    Get it? Release! hahahaha

  12. This is better than the time they used x to illustrate y.

    Eh, I’ll flesh it out later…

  13. Anyone else see that CNN is pairing up with other journalistic outlets to co-produce stories? When I say others, I mean one other. When I say one other, I mean Vice Magazine. True Story.

  14. They just wanted to prove that they can literally show explosive diarrhea and still be better than Fox News.

  15. By the way, Gabe, way to publish this during my lunch hour. I’m having beef chili. I mean, really.

  16. I didn’t watch this.

    why did a dude go to CNN to tell them about his 10 to 20 bloody bowel movements a day? didn’t he realize that they would put him on tv and tell everyone about it?

  17. all this indicates is that those two sweet louisiana newscasters from the last post that everyone made fun of are amazingly better at the news than cnn.

  18. I wouldnt have done that, CNN. You know what Jeff Daniels does to people who piss him off.

  19. True story. My office chair at work creaks when I lean back and it sounds like a slightly animated fart. My co-workers think it’s funny and are always barraging me with terrible fart jokes. “What did you have for lunch today Laser Lips? Beans or something.” Anyways, it eventually passed (hahaha) over, but on Wed. I kind of plopped down in my chair a little fast and it made me fart for real and everybody thought it was my chair. I won. I felt like Iron Will from that movie “Iron Will” when he crosses the finish line first. True Story. .

  20. You can put a lid on that story….

  21. CNN stinks…

  22. So, I have the same disease as the dude in the story. Now, I haven’t lost my job over it, thankfully, but you really need a good sense of humor when you run the risk of crapping yourself daily. I also think humor is a great way to build awareness of Irritable Bowel Disease, because let’s face it, poop is funny. Basically what I’m saying is, I approve this intro.

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