The real mystery here is not whether or not that night-vision photo of a Forest Goblin is real, but rather HOW THAT GIRL GOT A JOB ON TELEVISION?! Girl clearly dropped out of Specs Howard even though all her classes were only pass/fail! “I don’t EVEN know what that is.” Way to go, Murphy Brown. “Woah, really creepy.” Hand over all your Pulitzers, Bob Woodward, you’re done. Walter Cronkite is up in heaven being like “at least they are back in good hands.” (Via DailyWhat.)

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  1. Steve Winwood is gonna say “She’s pretty”, let’s all pretend he means the goblin zombie ok everybody!!

    Haha Steve Winwood thinks goblin zombies are pretty!

  2. E.T. = Extra Terrible.

  3. That’s just Mr Burns after his once-a-week longevity treatment he uses in order to cheat death for a further seven days.

  4. That thing gives Monsters a bad name.

  5. “The real mystery here is not whether or not that night-vision photo of a Forest Goblin is real, but rather HOW THAT GIRL GOT A JOB ON TELEVISION?!”

    Which one are we talking about here, Gabe? The one on the left, who presented the story? Or the one on the right, who thinks shadows are scarier when it’s cold outside? Either way, Hoda and Kathie Lee had better watch their backs.

  6. Newsweak

  7. “See it, shoot it, share it” sounds like it should be the name of Sarah Palin’s newest reality show.

  8. Clearly, this is the IRL version of Robin’s news show on HIMYM. it was never intended to be seen by anyone other than dazed insomniacs and those drunkenly stumbling home at 5 am.

  9. is it sad that this makes me homesick for louisiana?

  10. Exactly like the news casts we used to shoot in high school for TV Production Class with Mr. Potters. Right down to the wardrobe. “Tomorrow is shooting day, people, so wear something nice, like a sweater. Don’t forget. Write it down. Some of you have the memory of an endtable. Wear a sweater.”

  11. who the hell has an NBC 32? NBC is supposed to be a low number like 4 or 7, clearly.

    also this is real too


  12. Sometimes my toilet flushes all by itself. OMG IT’S TOTALLY A GHOST!!!! I’m calling up the local news to come investigate my Casper’s bladder problems.

  13. Check out my goblin cat, monsters. He gets spookier as it gets colder out.

  14. also, duh everyone, this is a rougarou. he’s a little on the scrawny side and appears to maybe have mange, but that’s the only rational explanation.

  15. “Let’s talk about.. uh.. something else!” should win a Daytime Emmy for best segue.

  16. Most definitely neither fake nor gay.

  17. Love the Specs Howard dig. Does anyone on this blog know how shitty they really are? Probably not.

    This is like that SNL taking an out-of-left-field dig at Charlene Li. Did both have it coming? Absolutely.

  18. So did these just look like a bunch of patronus charms to anyone else? Seriously Louisiana news, read a book!!!

  19. Awesome Chili Peppers reference!

  20. Where have I seen this before?

    … Oh.

  21. And that is what it would look like if teenage girls from the bus anchored news.

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