“I don’t use the Internet, but apparently you can find out everything on it.” — Winona Ryder

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  1. She can’t use it – John Jacobson’s youth have captured it.

  2. She’s Pretty

  3. Maybe she just needs to shoplift a router

  4. “I don’t use the roads, but apparently you can get everywhere on them.”

  5. Somebody just googled herself for the first time….

  6. I just found out she stole some clothes to research a role. Thanks, Mr. Internet!

  7. Good morning Monsters!

  8. Here, Winona, this is all you need:

  9. Then who am I following on Twitter?

  10. Winona Ryder : “Who can use the internet?”

  11. Not everything, Winona. I’ve spent a good half hour trying to find the articles online I’ve got to read for class so I don’t have to venture to the crazy packed library today.

  12. Lydia Deetz would have been all about the internet. That suicide letter would have been a livejournal post for sure.

  13. Not for nothing, but I was under the impressions the internet was used exclusively for porn…

  14. Wasn’t Christian Slater a huge creep in Heathers?
    That’s all I have to say re: Winona Ryder.

  15. The comments under that Hollywood Reporter article are pretty insightful and brilliant, see for yourself!

  16. “Oh, the internet is on computers now”

    (or something like that)
    -Homer Simpson

  17. Well, y’know, it’s really hard to shoplift from Amazon.


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