Your crosswalk is a real jerk. Fuck you, too, crosswalk.

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  1. Fake and MEAN!

  2. That’s what you get when you live in Spokane .

    • Ha! I used to live there.

      • I’ve only ever passed through, but the closest regional CBS affiliate to me is based in Spokane, so my whole life I’ve grown up with local Spokane news broadcasts that come on after whatever awful CBS show I’ve just watched, even though I live about 700 miles away. Spokane has developed a huge local mythology here because of it, and because the news stories always seem to fluctuate between new speed bump reports and meth labs exploding (I’m serious, these are the only two things that ever happen in Spokane).

        Ask anyone here and they’ll say the same thing, even though none of us have actually been there: Spokane is the hellmouth.

  3. I’ll never jaywalk again I promise

    • But if you never jaywalk against this light then you have to just stand on the other side of the street watching it flip you the bird. If anything, this sign is promoting jaywalking so you don’t have to feel offended anymore.

  4. C’mon now, there’s no need to get cross, walk.

  5. Actually, that’s Cee-Lo’s crosswalk.

  6. This calls for bunnies.

    (Utrecht, NL)

  7. At least the walking hooker signs in Indianapolis were entertaining

  8. Did anyone click to hear the “hilarious Arabic commentator”?

  9. Back off, you guys. It’s cold outside, and my crosswalk is having a rough day.

  10. improv everywhere man. it really makes you think. I mean, it really totally opens your mind. I mean, what is a pedestrian, really? why are pedestrians always crossing streets, man. they’re SO CRAZY. just gotta stop and realize sometimes – fuck pedestrians

    did I just blow your mind?

    • You waxed the hair right off my back, bro.

      • yeah man, I totally know what you mean – when you think of something SOOOO crazy like this, and get that weird chill up your back, like all the hair is gone.

        pedestrians are so weird man. cause it’s not like there were caveman pedestrians or some shit. it’s, like, totally a result of our technological society man.

        dude seriously. fuck pedestrians

  11. You guys are going to feel real bad calling that crosswalk a jerk when you find out that it lost its fingers in a fireworks accident on the 4th of July.

  12. Man, I’m never going to Detroit again…

  13. I like to imagine someone having the worst day ever, like cheating husband/fired/evicted/cat died, everything. Then, she’s walking home in the cold, wondering if the whole world is out to get her.

    She looks up at the crosswalk…and it’s giving her the finger.


  14. Its the Winwood of traffic signs.

  15. Those fingers aren’t bent— they’re missing. That crosswalk sign is suffering from severe frostbite. The middle finger is all it has left.

  16. It’s better than giving peds the shocker.

  17. The ghost of Pete Best?

    • And by the ghost of Pete Best I mean the alive of Pete Best?

      • Or how about the Ghost of Pete Best’s Career?

        I am not proud of myself right now.

        • I’ll be proud enough of you for the both of us.

          • Thanks you two. And you know, I’ve been in and out of a few bands that are still playing in some respect, and a part of me wants one of them to make it REALLY big just so that I can be the Pete Best for a new generation, as if I would derive some perverse pleasure out of being King of the Almosts.

            Wait…this is my therapist’s office, isn’t it?

  18. A brilliant recovery of my fumble.

    Don’t feel too bad. Apparently he is the “debut charter member” of the “All You Need Is Liverpool Music Hall of Fame.” So he’s got more upvotes than I’ll ever get.

  19. here’s where I’ll test:

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