Meredith Vieira interviewed a mother and her two children about their husband/father who died in combat and about how the family was coping with their loss for Christmas. It looked like we were in for a real bummer. But then, like an American Hero, the little boy took control. Game over.

Haha. You win, kid. You win. Someone give him the goddamned horse that he just earned the hell out of. (Thanks for the tip, Amber.)

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  1. Oh man. Is there a word for something that’s equal parts hilarious and sad? Besides “Ke$ha,” I mean.

  2. I think I speak for us all (and by us all, I mean myself, because I don’t know any of you) by saying that we all win, here.

  3. “Goddammit kid, stick to the script.” – Today Show producer

  4. This is a little off topic, but I thought you all might enjoy this story. Today is my birthday, and I just turned 30 (so old!). As part of my job, I have to bring college students to the ER when they get sick/too drunk/etc. So, needless to say, I got a call on my birthday eve to bring a student who thought she was having a heart attack to the hospital (she’s ok, don’t worry).

    Anyway, I had to spend several hours waiting in the ER waiting room, and I #literally turned 30 while watching ‘Are We There Yet?” on the waiting room TV. So now, turning 30 will always be associated with this:

    Life is funny. Thanks to you all for helping it stay that way!

  5. He’s got the double dream hands down.

  6. Keegan submits his reaction video to Salsa Dog.

  7. This pretty much sums up what’s great about kids.

  8. Dancing Chubby Child on Today Show: Sugar-loaded Kid? Or American Hero….. You Decide.

  9. When he said camera I thought he said camel, and I was like of course he wants a camel

  10. I legit thought they were going to walk outside and a horse would be standing there.

  11. Gabe, did you get some egg nog last night? Because you are posting awesome videos like you are in a great mood this morning. Keep it up!

  12. I am sorry but being a military brat myself, this video made me feel sad. My dad did Haliburton’s job before it was privatized so he was constantly stationed elsewhere from my mom and I. As a kid I acted just as the kid in the video but luckily my dad eventually came back. This kid hasn’t fully realized his dad is gone and I just find that sad. I am happy the Today Show tried to help out but I can only feel sorry for a child that is on the shitty side of a situation I was on growing up; my dad came back. Wish him the best and, sorry to get political for a second, that whole family should have all higher education and health care costs taken care of for their natural lives. Sorry to be a buzz kill, downvote if you feel the need. I will understand since this should be a happy video and it merely depresses me. Sorry again

    • You’re not a buzz kill. That moms and dads have to go away (and maybe come back, maybe not) for war reasons in the first place is the real buzz kill.

    • as someone who lost his father at a very young age, i say relax and enjoy the video, bro.

    • You’ll get no downvotes from me. I have family serving too and if any of them were killed in these conflicts I would tell Today to shove their holiday decorations straight up their ass and make my gift NBC taking some people to task on my behalf.

      • @ironic I don’t know how you lost your father and I am sorry but growing up in the military with a father providing support for warzones and worrying if I would see him again, I can not enjoy a video of a child lashing out because his father is not there, regardless of how cute and hilarious it would have been if it would have been under less damaging circumstances. @Phased Thank you and I hope your family comes back safe. @ephcee Thank you as well. I know videogum sometimes becomes politicalgum but I was worried about making it depressinggum.

        • i wasn’t trying to rag on you. i’m just saying, kids are more more resilient than you give them credit for. this video made you sad, it made me hopeful. different strokes, no worries.

          • I feel the same way. It actually made me more sad to watch the daughter. I was 13 when I lost my mom and you just don’t get to be happy again in such a carefree way–you’re old enough to know what’s going on and that you SHOULD look sad about it. The little girl was obviously dealing with some shit and knew that she wasn’t supposed to be dancing for the camera. The little boy still had the padding of young age–he can still be happy and joyful (despite the constraints of social norms, like NOT dancing while talking about your dead dad) and life hasn’t quite smacked him upside the head yet. I’m sad to know that moment is coming, but it was kind of beautiful to see the purity of cluelessness. #shuttingupnow

          • I know you weren’t I just wanted to let you know why I felt sad about this video because this was the kind of acting out I did as a kid, just didn’t have the Today Show to film it, and being that I did it I know it is a coping mechanism.

        • I have no family in the military, but this video made me sad too. Thank you (and Phased and ephcee) for the thoughtful responses.

    • No need for the apologies. I love that people share like this here. It’s great that you’re comfortable talking about it, and I think it’s always necessary to be reminded that there are really legitimate reasons not to find something funny, to take something more serious than the people who are laughing at it.

  13. No matter how quiet they thought they were being, I think I would still notice 300 people in my front yard setting up Christmas decorations.

  14. lets not be sad guys…lets have a kitten

  15. This is a sADD story.

  16. These kids just get it.

  17. i wish i loved anything like this kid loves watching his soon to be obese body gyrate

  18. This kid could teach Willow a thing or two.


  20. Keegan Roberts just made my life a little easier.

  21. Look at him go! Maybe we have John Jacobson on our (double dream) hands?

  22. “Sometimes we lose ourselves in the grief, and it’s hard to keep those smiles on. Right Keegan? Keegan?”

  23. Something something Colton Burpo something something.

  24. I’m gonna tape up a picture of this kid on my mirror and every morning I’m going to tell myself “Live like Keegan.” I will then promptly dance my way through life.

    Thank you sir, you are a true gentleman.

  25. “Walmart heard about your letter and provided…gender discrimination, substandard wages, and inadequate healthcare benefits!”

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