OH I’M SO PISSED! Here we are, up to our necks in egg nog season, and still my grocery store has ZERO egg nog on the shelves. WHY DON’T I JUST KILL MYSELF? Seriously, though, what am I missing here? Did I wake up this morning and find myself in COMMUNIST CHINA? Where is the goddamned egg nog?! It is ridiculous to me that the grocery store is even still standing. How has an angry mob failed to burn that place to the ground yet? Ugh. People are so apathetic these days. They’re happy to turn a blind eye to the world’s problems as long as they can WATCH TELEVISION and EAT POTATO CHIPS. Free Mumia! STOCK EGG NOG! Anyway, Egg Nog Movies Party Game is obviously not as good as actual egg nog, like, not even by a hundred miles, but it’s all we have, apparently. We’re like starving castaways in a movie about castaways sitting around the fire with gull guts smeared on our faces pretending the gulls are prime rib, except instead of dead gulls its pun-based jokes, and instead of prime rib it’s something even more delicious. SWEET NECTAR OF LIFE!

  • Egg Nogging Hill
  • You And Me And Egg Nogveryone We Know
  • Mr. Holland’s Egg Nog

Honestly, that’s all I have. I’m delirious from egg nog deprivation. Have fun. If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom SAWING MY HEAD OFF AND CRYING.

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  1. Egg Nog Another Teen Movie

  2. The World is Nog Enough

  3. He’s Just Nog That Into You

  4. Nog Country for Old men.

  5. EggNogfather

  6. Nightmare on Egg Nog Street

  7. All Nogs Go to Heaven

  8. The Dark Nog

  9. Nog WIthout My Daughter

  10. Nogged Up

  11. Egg the Nog

  12. Eggnogenon (ya know like Phenomenon? That one with Travolta where…. nevermind)

  13. Don’t Bother to Egg Nog

  14. Rudolph the Egg Nogged Reindeer

  15. Nog, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

  16. To Kill a Eggingnog

  17. 28 Egg Nogs Later

  18. Leggaly Blnoge.


  19. Quantum of Solace starring Daniel CrEgg Nog

  20. EggNogception

  21. Egg the Nog

  22. House of Sand and Nog

  23. Egg-ternal Sunshine of the Nogless Mind

  24. Eggnog of the State

  25. Nogster Strangenog: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Nog the Nog

  26. Reservoir Nogs

  27. Some Like Egg Nog

  28. Egg the Right Nog In

  29. Egg Nogged Freaks

  30. Donna Darko

  31. Nogtown and Z Boys

  32. Guess Who’s Egging The Nog?

  33. Groundnog Day

  34. Lords of Nogtown

  35. Egg Nog with Rumble in the Bronx

  36. Nog with the Wind

  37. Egg Nog Saints

  38. Eggs, Lies and Videogum?

  39. The Hangover

  40. Egg Nogging But Trouble

  41. Egg The Right Nog

  42. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nog

  43. Nogsters Inc.

  44. Nogan the Barbarian

  45. Star Tregg, starring Simon Pegg Nog

  46. City of Nog

  47. The Royal Egg Nog Bombs

  48. Run, Egg Nog, Run

  49. Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nog

  50. Nog by Nogwest

  51. Nutmegamind

  52. Dairy Movie

  53. 4 Eggs and a Nog

  54. The Egg That Came to Nog

  55. Eggnoggy Nog Ross

  56. The Egg Nogging

  57. The Girl Who Played With Egg Nog

  58. Princess Nogonokegg

  59. Egglorious Nogsterds

  60. What about Nog?

  61. For the record this is what I always think of when anyone mentions egg nog:

    “Egg Nog? Who came up with this brilliant idea? Let’s see, I wanna get a little drunk but I also want…. PANCAKES!” – Dave Attell

  62. Nogging Hill

  63. Some Like it Hot Buttered Rum (for the lactose-intolerant)

  64. Ugh Nog. Am I doing this right?

  65. Apocalypse Nog

  66. Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Eggnog Vanishes”

  67. Nogged Up

  68. Eggnogs

    (its a play on Jaws; get it?)

  69. Eggs Nogged Shut

  70. Nog without my daughter

  71. Slumnog Millionegg

  72. nogged up

  73. The Trouble with Eggnog

  74. The Social Egg Nog

  75. Nogging Hill

  76. Egg Nogs in a Duffle Bag

  77. The Hunchback of Nogtredame

  78. Nog Day Afternoon

  79. The Egg Nog House Rules (In your face cider!)

  80. Saving Private Eggnog

  81. Egg Nog and other Drugs

  82. Four Eggings and a Nogeral

  83. The M’eggnog’icent Seven

  84. Am I alone in thinking Egg Nog is gross? Egg Nog is gross. So the only Egg Nog movie I can think of is Humegg Centepog (because reading all these wonderful comments is triggering my gag nog reflex).

  85. The Postman Always Nogs Egg

  86. 500 Days of Egg Nog

  87. 50 First Egg Nogs

  88. Punch Drunk Nog

  89. Nogmerican Beauty
    **EggNogs and Broomsticks**

  90. 127 Egg Nogs

  91. Sophie’s Egg Nog

  92. Eggnog Scissorhands

  93. The Nog Of War

  94. Harry Potter and the Deathly Egg pt Nog

  95. The Tommynoggers

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