Did you know there are multiple televised interviews with your hand model girlfriend Ellen Sirot and that she’s successively worse in each one that you watch? It doesn’t matter what order. She’s also a foot model? I hate your hand foot model girlfriend!

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  1. Sounds like a certain internet blogger *ahem* was rejected as a hand/foot model.

  2. “If you bare it, you have to prepare it”

    Why doesn’t she apply this philosophy to her personality?

  3. Sure, she is a horrible human being, but at least I can say I’m dating a model!

  4. Let’s just call this now: Ellen Sirot ends up as a nantaimori model

  5. If I didn’t slam my fingers in car doors (mostly unintentional) as a child, I could have been a $10,000/day hand model. Cruel fate!

  6. I wish she was a ball gag model.*

    *Primarily to shut her up, but also you never know how they’re going to fit by just looking at them on the box.

  7. “After the break, we have an interview with someone who has toes.”

  8. So, this is a little gross, but I’ve been wondering how she deals with going to the bathroom.

  9. It would be funnier if she had Man Hands and worked mostly as a stand-in for male-oriented adverts.

  10. She almost managed to best Donny Deutsch in a douche-off.

  11. “I think feet are the new purse.”

    WRONG. That is an incorrect statement. Feet and purses serve two completely different purposes.

  12. “I think feet are the new purse. It’s an accessory.”

    Who cares if my feet are ripoffs? They look just like the real thing and only cost me $20.

  13. The TWSS machine just overheated again.

  14. i read “successively worse” as “successfully worse”
    works either way.

  15. on the old post video she says “perfect, neutral-toned hands” …that sounds kind of racist to me. is my girlfriend racist?

  16. Her husband had never held her hand until their wedding night?

    I would be much more interested in an interview with that gentleman.

  17. and then she goaded that interviewer into rubbing his knuckle on her!! which, i mean, what? but also ew but also she may be having problems at home.

  18. heres what i dont get: how does she chop up her victims without using her hands?

  19. OK. So at the beginning of the Donny Deutsch hand model interview, she says he can’t touch her hands. Then she proceeds to tell him that NOBODY touches her hands – even guys she dated – and her husband didn’t even get to touch her hands until their wedding night. So basically, her hands must maintain a purity akin to her virginity.

    Then at the end of the interview, she tells Donny he can touch her bare hands.

    So to sum things up, Ellen Sirot basically let Donny Deutsch fuck her in front of her husband and America.

  20. Even if someone were to chop off my girlfriend’s left hand and foot, she’d still be all right.

  21. do you think maybe she’s just going around TELLING people ‘oh yeah, i’m a hand model, i have perfect hands’ ‘oh yeah, i’m a foot model, i have perfect feet’ and she made up that whole cleavage shit to get on TV?
    IF so, she and pliedians lady should be best friends and start a best friends club with baloon boy’s dad

  22. Ok, so I was waiting to say this, but I’ve actually had a crush on Ellen Sirot since I was 11 years old. I remember seeing an interview with her on some news show that featured odd jobs like hand models and voice actors. I watched Ellen walking around her house with gloves on and my little 11 year girl mind thought “Wow, her hands must be so pretty and soft. I bet I could do that.” So I actually tried to wear gloves all the time for like, one day. They were those scratchy thin glove liner kind you get really cheap at Wal-Mart. I remember playing my Casio keyboard with them on and my fingers kept slipping off the keys. I would douse my hands in lotion then put on my fuzzy gloves and imagine myself to be a rich hand model like Ellen.

    Then I got real. I guess she never did.

    • oh girl i am with youuuuuuuuu. i saw this video 2 days ago and have since been real creepy and annoying to all my friends, walking around making sexy hand motions. i am 26.

  23. Interesting how she stops flapping her hands around like a clown when the subject becomes her feet.

  24. ….
    Never have I wanted to stomp on someones feet more.
    She’s just so smug. blech!

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