Do you guys remember Two Girls One Cup? Cool story: I’ve never actually seen that video. So sue me. Guess what: I am a grown up and I know what poop looks like and I know what cups look like and I know what girls look like and I’ve heard a good enough description of that video that I can use my FULLY OPERATIONAL IMAGINATION to do the math. But, also, do you guys remember with Two Girls One Cup how there was this whole Internet meme of people posting videos of themselves watching Two Girls One Cup? You remember that. We all remember that. It was on the evening news and I’m pretty sure there was a montage of those reaction videos in the background of the closing credits at the MTV Movie Awards or something. But here’s the thing: what if we did that with a DELIGHTFUL video instead of a DELISGUSTING video? What if we did that with SALSA DOG?! I have posted my own Salsa Dog Reaction Video after the jump just to get things started, but I highly encourage everyone (and I am using the dictionary definition of the term everyone here to mean THE ENTIRE WORLD PLEASE) to record your own Salsa Dog Reaction Videos and post them in the comments or really anywhere you want. Post them everywhere. Let’s goooooo!


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  1. So long, productivity.

  2. the two girls one cup video was exposed as fake. its ice cream

  3. woah why does bing have a picture of pretty, pretty Rachel Weisz?

  4. Man, you should have told us BEFORE we saw the video! Now I can’t film my reaction! It would be as fake as it is gay!

  5. I’m pretty sure I’d be laughing as hard on the 25th viewing as I did the first. If only I had a camera…

  6. At first I was like, “Needs more head tilt”. Then I was like, “There it is…”

  7. I will NOT be participating, because i posted a reaction to a cute video once for my boss, and basically thousands of people have called me gay online ever since.

  8. I would make a reaction video, but I have a cold and I had an allergic reaction to NyQuil last night that made my lips blow up like Lisa Rinna fresh out of the botox store. So it would just start a cycle of reaction videos to my allergic reaction reaction video (or something like that) I think the Benadryl is making me loopy.

  9. I think this is the only post where “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” and “Two Girls One Cup” will share digital real estate.

  10. Pure joy at 0:22

  11. Can I post a ‘Gabe salsa dog reaction reaction’ video?

  12. I now have all the data I need to finish my Gabe bobblehead doll.

  13. I would so do this, blowing the anonymity of this username in the process, except for one thing: my emarassing level of non-knowhow regarding my webcam. I know my camera is capable of taking video, but it has never been worth it to me to investigate further–UNTIL NOW. And now I have to go, but I will be back later, and then maybe I will jump on the tail (heh) end of this meme.

  14. Hey guys. Didn’t have anywhere else to post this.
    Its my holiday gift to you all

  15. whats michael vick’s reaction? LOL!!!

  16. Let this picture of Justice Sonia Sotomayor stand in for my reaction:

  17. Salsa dog didn’t do much for me honestly. Now, the cat hugging the teddy bear… OH MY GOD. People would have heard my squeal, which would be negative for my public perception.

  18. Be honest, Gabe. You used to have a unibrow in high school, didn’t you. I would like to see some old yearbook photos. Nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve got the hair gene too.

  19. If I could post a reaction video, it would be me dropping my can of Diet Coke. As that is exactly what I did.

  20. I never do this, and I’ll probably get fired, now. Thanks Videogum!

  21. Yes! I also did not watch Two Girls One Cup, and it is the perfect thing to not watch, because saying “Oh man it was horrible I dont wanna talk about it” ends the conversation with a knowing nod. Just like you saw it, but you get to actually not see it!

  22. If there was a behind the scenes show about videogum, would it essentially consist of this video on loop?

  23. How about a reaction video of Birdie watching Salsa Dog.

    I signed up for YouTube specifically to post this! I have nothing better to do at work!

  25. Is it wierd that I wanted to see reaction videos of Steve Winwood and Notsewfast, just so I could see what they look like in real life? Am i crossing the line of what is acceptable? Reveal yourselves!!

  26. As much as I love the Salsa Dog video, I’d really much prefer a Salsa Gabe video. Gabe – go outside and dance please! PLEASE!

  27. You guys are doin’ it wrong. Here’s my reaction video:

  28. Salsa dog party people? Salsa dog party people.

  29. Not to detract from the awesomeness of paperstreetsoap, who is my hero, but… This is my cat, Spaz, and his reaction to the beloved Salsa Dog:

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  31. I think we should post reactions of watching Gabe. As hilarious as Salsa Dog is, and by God is he ever, Gabe’s reaction makes me laugh a lot.


    I apologize for the fact that I look ridiculous.


    ignition remix’s Salsa Dog reaction video!!!

  34. A week later is better than never is what I always say!

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