In response to the clip that went around this week of Sarah Palin shooting a caribou on her reality show, Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, Social Network, Cocaine) has written an editorial for the HuffingtonPost and it’s pretty great. I don’t entirely agree with everything that he has to say, but I enjoyed reading him say it. Example: “I know exactly how many feet off camera your hair and make-up trailer was.” Ha.

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  1. I love that he pointed out that she hoped there would be controversy. Because she totally did. The only reason she does anything is so that she can shine that hard grin in everyone’s face and say, “Did you see? Did you see what I did? Did you hear what I said? Can you believe it? They’re not going to let me get away with that one!”

    And I’m like, Sarah Palin, I will let you get away every time.

  2. She thinks we’re still at war with Mooseilini

  3. You don’t get to 500,000,000 viewers without shooting a few caribou

  4. Guns don’t kill caribou, Sarah Palin kills caribou.

  5. U RIghtfully Mad

  6. “We R who we R!” -$arah Palin

  7. This might not be a popular opinion, but I actually do not have a moral opposition to hunting. On that issue, I cannot really condemn Palin.

    I do, however, have a moral opposition to famewhoring. So I can condemn the hell out of her for that!

    • I don’t think Sorkin was condemning Palin for hunting, but condemning her for hunting to make a point (i.e. she killed a caribou on camera to stir up the pot, not because she needed to feed Todd, Trip, Bristol, Snooki, The Professor and Crinkle McGee.)

      • Touche. That’ll teach me to trust my reading skillz before noon!

      • Actually, in defense of lil bobby here, he does say that he is disgusted by the thought of having to kill his animals. As a lifelong (well, ok, 12 year long) vegetarian I can comfortably say that this is incorrect (haha, that is completely an opinion. Comfortably say! Professor the truth over here).
        I am not a vegetarian because I feel bad about animals being killed and eaten, but I do fully believe that any carnivore should be willing to go and hunt in order to fully understand what they are doing.
        If, however, they hunt and then properly dress and keep and eat the meat. If they hunt because Mama Grizzly’s got a shotgun for claws and a line producer for a hunting buddy and a national public to spread her fish stories to, well, then I’m with Sorkin. But he weakens his argument by starting it with the notion that hunting in and of itself is disgusting and horrible (whether or not he argues it is immoral)

      • Crinkle McGee will be the name of the next hamster I get. I’ve wondering how to top the name of my dear departed Rumples McTavish (R.I.P.).


  8. I love how he pointed out that she is using this show, and more specifically shooting a moose, as political gain.


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  10. You like hunting and want to actually use the carcass fully? Fine. Good for you. But don’t give some crap about sustaining your family when your town has a Walmart.

    • She has to put food on her family!

    • R2D2, while I agree with you in sentiment, I have to dissent in your use of Walmart. For people that probably aren’t Sarah Palin, hunting >>>>>>>>>> Walmart because then at least (if you are a good person) you can make sure the animal didn’t suffer in a factory farm. Though she is kind of ridiculous for talking about sustaining her family because she’s incredibly rich and can afford to buy from a company that raises and slaughters their animals ethically.

  11. I’m hoping for a Grizzly Man-like finale to this terrible show.

  12. Crap, now I have to like Aaron Sorkin.

  13. I like to imagine that instead of this diatribe coming from Aaron Sorkin it’s actually spoken by one of the West Wing characters (preferably Josh, though that doesn’t seem likely), in an actual confrontation with Sarah Palin, who is also a character on the West Wing, and not an actual person voted into a position of government by real Americans.

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    • 1. don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
      2. don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

      hmmm….wish I could think of some more.

      There are some pretty dynamite Alaskans up there – you should visit.

    • Well, I grew up in Alaska, so… don’t say stuff like that? Thanks.

  15. Aaron Sorkin knows there’s a difference between a moose and a caribou, right?

  16. I would like to see Morrissey hunt Sarah Palin. That would be the best thing ever.

  17. West Zing

  18. Subtle insults be damned. America NEEDS diatribes like this periodically.

  19. On a pretty related side note, what does this book title even MEAN?

  20. This passion piece kind of feeds the fire of the debate that sustains the media frenzy around Sarah Palin. Which is too bad, because I, like most, would love to see her disappear back into her trailer park in Alaska or whatever.

    However, the good news is, this is a mainstream article acknowledging the capacity for pain among animals, and it’s written by a meat-eater. In a sense, it’s lightly defending the animal’s right to life, which seems to be pretty progressive, coming from someone without a ‘visceral problem eating meat…’ I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years, and any support of animal rights, big or small, is a victory. Sarah Palin may be bad for just about everything now, but in the long run, she might be good thing, as her hatred and brutality ignites a lot of people’s passion for acceptance and non-violence.

  21. This isn’t even all of it. My screen just ran out of attention whore real estate. And I’m pretty sure this was all said before there was any real controversy about the episode, controversy which turns out didn’t actually happen despite the transparent attempt for more clicks. Same Sarah shit, different day.

    At a certain point most of us, as kids, learn the art of subtlety and manipulation to get what we want. She has not reached this point yet. And then we hit a point, as adolescents, where we realize you have to let that go if you don’t want to be among the world’s shitty people, making the lives of the people around you a little darker. As adults we realize that the events that lack that gross behavior give us the most pleasure. You’re far behind, lady. Grow up. And then grow up some more. And then pass that onto your kids.

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