Two bits of Rick Rolling news today, which is a thing now. Rick Rolling news. Professional writers get paid, shit, I get paid, to write about what’s going on in the world of Rick Rolling. Sure.

The children of Darfur cannot wait to hear what is going on with Rick Rolling.

First off, the success of this silly internet meme has earned Rick Astley a nomination for a MTV Europe Video Music Award for BEST ACT EVER (Guardian via Jossip). Wait, whuuuuut? Someone should take MTV Europe to the hospital, because I think they slipped on a bastupid peel and bumped their head. Best Act Ever? Because he was the butt of an internet joke? Whoops, Europe, that’s your MTV.

But the more important Rick-rolling news is actually pretty good.


According to Neatorama, they brought in a giant cake for their friend, which turned out to be a hat box decorated and icing, and inside the hat box was a much more reasonably sized cake decorated with Rick Astley. That’s funny.

You see, Children of Darfur, sometimes we make food as a joke. Get it? Ugh. The world is a vampire, you guys. Donate to Darfur here.

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  1. You little stinker. Kids in Darfur have been RickRoll’d more than me, until TODAY that is.

    There I was, pulling out my Darfur credit card and following your helpful link, only to find myself the victim of yet another one of your darn internet jokes.

  2. Ooh, that was so evil. Who knew I’d ever be Rick-Rolled with a fake link about Darfur? Future me knew, but future me didn’t say a thing. :(

  3. I knew what was coming, but I clicked anyway.

  4. Oh well this looks like a good cau… what? Aw you derned internet hooligans!

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