“He’s sorry,” the rep told TMZ. — A publicist’s response after Josh Duhamel, our generation’s Kevin Smith, was kicked off an airplane for refusing to turn off his BlackBerry.

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  1. To be fair, his BlackBerry does transform into a plane.

  2. I call bullshit. There’s no way Fergie is married to an asshole.

  3. This is why Kate Bosworth picked Topher Grace and not him

  4. The plane was in mid-flight, right?

  5. Just stay in Pine Valley, Leo. No one else understands you.

  6. “Sorry. Just before I left, my agent said I couldn’t get arrested. Guess I misunderstood.” — Josh Duhamel

  7. “I wouldn’t kick him off an airplane for not turning off a Blackberry if that plane was a bed and the thing he kept turning on was me!” -your sister

  8. “No, you’re missing the point! It’s the principle of the matter! Only when everyone but me has an understanding that planes will make us turn off our electronics during takeoff/decent, THAT’S when I will make a stand!”
    - Josh Duhamel

  9. Put him in the same room where they’ve got Mark Ruffalo locked up. Maybe they can teach each other a thing or two.


  11. Unless I’m forgetting something, this week has been pretty lackluster. Let’s get to the Ball and put a fork in the last seven days.

  12. He is no Captain Peacock. He is not even Mr. Spooner!

  13. It turns out Johnny Depp was on the other end of of the line.

  14. We both know who the real class act is…

  15. Videogum: Your number one source for all celebrity air travel news!

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