Here is a brief sampling of just a few of the world’s (huge) stars who contribute to a lip dub of “Let It Be” (in front of a green-screened beach background) in the 6 minute long video after the jump:

Jason Alexander, Ricki Lake, Josie Bissett, Corbin Bernsen, George Wendt, Steve Guttenberg, Tonya Harding, David Faustino, Alfonso Ribeiero, Dolph Lundgren, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Fab Morvan, Right Said Fred, The Little Kid from Forrest Gump, Judd Nelson, Rick Schroder, Robert Englund.

Whoa. If you dropped a bomb on Norway we might not even have any stars left. Be more careful, stars! Spread out! Seriously, though, do yourself a favor and watch the video after the jump. It is really something.

Apparently this is an ad for a Norwegian talk show in which celebrities are interviewed about their childhoods. Norway, of course, has much looser “celebrity verification” laws than we do. (Thanks for the tip, Brian, Dan, Tim, and Ritch.)

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  1. That Norwegian talk show should have just let it be, huh?

  2. Paul McCartney must be rolling over in grave.

  3. And from that day forward, Norway was known as “TVLand”.

  4. What’s a “George i Seinfeld”?

  5. This absolutely needed to be six minutes long. It could not have been any shorter.

  6. Norwegian President: “Bring me Tonya Harding!”

  7. Relax, David Faustino.

  8. 80s superstar bonanza over here.

  9. At this very moment, Glenn Close’s agent is SCRAMBLING to hide every known copy of this ad.

    “One of these kids is not like the other … one of these kids is not the same…”

  10. This is like the time Michael told Tobias he should record all the things he says and then listen to it at the end of the day. But instead of Tobias confronting his repressed homosexuality (or something much darker?), these people (except Katherine Turner. She will live forever) will be offering themselves career advice.

  11. You gotta hand it to them, that’s some pretty good animatronics.

  12. It’s too bad Corbin Bernsen wasn’t the first one to sing so he could rest everyones case*; “when i find myself in times of trouble, I REST MY CASE!”

    *end this before it began

  13. Best title ever.

  14. “1992 called. They want their stars back.” – George Costanza

  15. The Norwegians starting laughing at Leslie Nielson a little too soon.

  16. Winner of the “Should Have Thought Twice About Appearing In a Lip-Dub” Award

  17. Leslie Nielsen’s last role?

    Poor Leslie Nielsen.

  18. right said fred? they’re too sexy for this lip dub.

  19. The biggest star of all:

    Michael Conner Humphreys, the actor who played young Forrest Gump!

  20. Whatever, it’s got Guttenberg, I’m in.

  21. You guys, if I my internet commenting career ever really takes off and I become a celebrity, I want to be the kind of celebrity that’s recognizable without the screen having to say:

    “Videogum Monster”

  22. Well, now I feel stupid. I thought Peter Falk was dead. Now he can read me The Princess Bride again. Thanks for clearing that up, Norway!

  23. This only reinforces my belief that we have a very Galaxy Quest-ian cultural relationship with certain parts of the world.

  24. Phillip Michael Thomas just got closer to his EGOT, amirite?

  25. “Whoa. If you dropped a bomb on Norway we might not even have any stars left. Be more careful, stars! Spread out!”
    This is exactly what Randy and Evi have been trying to warn us about. I’m sure the Hollywood Star Wackers planned this entire shoot. I’m mean have you seen any of these stars lately? No. They’re gone. All gone.

  26. where’s Richard Bey?

  27. I love when these large calls for celebrities go out, and there’s always one slightly more famous one that doesn’t get the memo that this is clearly only expected of you if no one has heard your name in more than 15 years. You know that one person shows up for the shoot and sees Tonya Harding chatting up Robert Englund and one of the members of Boyzone and is like “shit.”

    Glenn Close, you pulled the short straw this time.

  28. Boyzone(!)
    DCI Tom Barnaby from Midsomer Murders(!!)
    Audrey Horne lip-dubbing part of Kate Bush’s vocals(!!!)

    We need a Norwegian Monster to recap this show!

  29. Who’s the most obvious celebrity missing from this video? You guessed… Frank Stallone.

  30. Anyone else have to look away during Katarina Witt’s mean air guitar sequence?

  31. This is a pretty crazy look at who is randomly well known in Norway. I never would’ve assumed that Norway had/has a substantial Fresh Prince of Bel Air following, or that The Hulk was called “Hulken.”

  32. Is anyone else at all concerned that Philip Michael Thomas is wearing the same suit he had on in 1987?

  33. “I will do anything you ask me to.”
    -Jason Alexander

  34. Jamie Walters lololol. I guess that Confessions of a Teen Idol show didn’t exactly relaunch his career like Baio intended. Also, I don’t know about you guys but I definitely recoiled at the sight of Daryl Hannah?

  35. That’s weird that all the stars lib dubbed except George Wendt, who definitely sang his part for real.

  36. Check out Ricki’s funky fresh moves in the back

    Always. Be. Dancing.

  37. i have so many questions i don’t know where to begin.

  38. The best part is Tanya Harding’s shirt. I can’t believe I admitted to watching almost 2 minutes of this.

  39. Roger Moore’s spoken-word contribution gave me major douchechills

  40. Were ALL of these people victim’s of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, or what?

  41. Good old talk singing Roger Moore.

  42. Where was Tonya Harding?

  43. The show this is a promo for is actually quite entertaining. It’s basically Øyvind (who is somewhat of a celebrity from a bit back himself) Steinar and Ingar thinking back to when they were young, first seasons were about early 80s celebs and then they moved forward in time I suppose, and each episode you meet a couple has beens that we all remember from when their show was on tv or their song was a hit or their movie was the biggest thing ever. Norway didn’t have a lot of tv channels back then so if you were on tv, you were basically huge. Also as for Fresh Prince, that show, along with shows like Full House, Sister Sister, Step by Step and Hangin’ with mr Cooper all used to run in after school prime time rerun after rerun so basically everyone who was young in the 90s know them well. Not saying if that’s a good thing or not though.

    • Oh and even though I’m pretty sure even the “funny” people who says they all were in the studio together, dudes… It’s tv. Norway isn’t THAT far behind, even here you can crop people into videos and put it together looking like something different. ANYWAY! Here’s the promo from an earlier season http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQOeDYDOCKc

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