Totally right there with you, dude. WAVELENGTHS! (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. My Heart. It just exploded.

  2. not shown- very upset 4 year old girl who can’t get her bear back from Fluffy

  3. It gets better.

  4. This why we CAN ALWAYS have nice things

  5. It was cute enough when I thought someone had just placed the teddy bear around his little paws. But he actually hugged it… too much <3

  6. Baby Friday (2010-2010)
    Baby Friday passed away today after an internet video of a kitten hugging a teddy bear caused her brain to fatally malfunction. Though born in June 2010, she had a long list of notable achievements, most of which were making the Monsters’ Ball a couple of times. She is survived by her husband IRL, her internet husband, a sister-wife, several internet sisters, and her dogs, Handsomedog, Girl One, and Skeledog. In lieu of flowers, the family is accepting donations to the Fainting Goat Kittens Fund.

  7. Guess who just got left in the office by himself for the day and only has a minimal work to do? THIS KOALA DID! Enough with the kittens and teddy bears, let’s get rowdy!

  8. Maybe I’m about to buy a one-way ticket on the downvote express*, but I just don’t get cats. Case in point, this is supposed to be cute, but for the entire time the cat has a look on its face like, “The hell you looking at?” But yes, animals with teddy bears are awesome.

    *”One-way Ticket on the Downvote Express” is the title of my new Videogum-themed hardboiled crime novel .

    • I, for one, love cats, but I’ve had some great ones. Cats that suck really suck. I still want them to sit in my lap though.

      Also: I hope you all will come see my new movie, The Downvote Murders.

    • That’s why they’re so cute! They think they’re people!

      Like my cat Crocky is beyond adorable but also a territorial asshole. Whenever anyone sits down she is in their lap to mark her territory. If one of my other cats comes over she gives the biggest What You Lookin At Bitch look at them and it is HILARIOUS.

      In other words:

    • i think cats GIFs are best when the joke is on the cat- when we are laughing at, not with, said kitty. Probably because cats are the only animal that take themselves more seriously than do most humans.

    • i love my cat but i understand that no one else in the world will. he bites their ankles, claws at them, and hisses at anyone who tries to come near us. however, he sleeps on my head, licks away my tears, and cleans me when i’m napping. i love him.

  9. This cute kitten > My Garfield.

  10. Well my life is fulfilled now

  11. Holy shit! That was just amazing…I am typeless.

  12. This is EXACTLY what I felt like last night when I was watching Community.

  13. Teddy Bear gettin mad pussy yo

  14. Through some bizarre glitch was just briefly signed in as Liisa Levomäki. When I did a search for that commenter, she didn’t exist, I think I may have stumbled onto something big here. Who is Liisa Levomäki Gabe?

  15. Wow. This is almost as cute as when my cat hugs our adorable christmas tree at the very top by the star. She hugs it all the way to the ground. She also hugs the dust pan as I’m trying to sweep up the amazing amount of broken ornaments. She also hugs my bowl of cereal every morning. It’s cutest when she hugs it into my lap because I was distracted. The very cutest cat hug (the one she shows off with) is when I reach into the fridge for 3 seconds to grab a string cheese and she decides to slip in unnoticed to stealthily hug the lunch meat on the third shelf. She’ll hug it for about 2 minutes before she starts really noisily hugging everything else in the fridge (as if the only way she’ll alert me to the fact that she’s being so goddamn cute is by meowing really loud). By the time I’m like “oh shit!” and open the fridge to let her out, she cutely hugged every fucking thing in there to shreds. I love cats.

  16. My cat just mauled teddy bears.

    And mice.

    And birds.

    And my dad.

    My cat was an asshole.

    • I think it should go worth saying that, yes, all cats are assholes. It’s an undeniable and inconvenient truth for cat lovers (and I count myself as one of them). However, it’s the moments like these, that make it all worth while. Keep hugging that teddy bear, amirite?

  17. The video is so cute for very obvious reasons, but the little pillow the kitten is laying on just made my heart explode from too much cuteness.

    P.S. I look forward to the sequel “Birdie Hugging a Teddy Bear”

  18. Who’s ready for Stella puppy spam?

  19. Seriously….keep posting pics of your pets. Or any animal. Anything cute at all. No babies, thank you!

  20. I’m sitting on my motorcycle drinking a beer (which I will slam into my head afterward to smash the can) while curling a 65lbs dumbell and reading this thread. So fucking manly.

  21. For some reason, I used to misread Cute Overload as Cute Overlord, and thought, without seeing the site, that it was a commentary on how we are all rendered helpless idiot drones by cute things, and I thought that was pretty deep. And then I eventually clicked through and saw my error.

    I dunno. You gotta be in the mood for this sort of thing.

  22. When I see these types of videos, I close my eyes and go to Happy Gilmore’s happy place.

  23. So apparently it was stormtroopers that killed the fainting Goat Kiteens btw

  24. I can’t decide if I would rather be the cat or the teddy bear.

  25. This reminds my of my Paddington Bear. Oh, where have you gone to?!

  26. Hey, my cat likes teddybears too!

    Sadly this bear, which I’ve had since birth, was destroyed by my parents’ ferocious golden retriever. RIP Teddy.

  27. This may be the best thing the Internet has ever produced. I have no more need for you, Internet.

  28. I take back every mean thing I ever said about anyone ever. Guys:

  29. It seems as if she has fallen in love with the teddy bear…
    Nitric Oxide Rush

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