Thanks for that, Marvin. See you real soon, buddy. We’re all checking in to the hospital today! No duh. It’s Friday. TGIHospital! (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)

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  1. How does this guy think doing journalism in a bathrobe is professional?? GABE WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

  2. Youtube description: “Marvin Zindler delivered his July 20th 2007 restaurant report from his hospital bed. He was too ill to do it on the 27th, and died on the 29th.”

  3. Hey, these are all ethnic places that this guy’s bashing!

    It’s probably nothing.

  4. This is a really unique take on the job of the restaurant critic.

  5. Slime in the Ice Machine is a bad thing? Oh no.

    • My friend used to run a gas station in Gainesville. At their food mart thing they had this icy drink called Parrot Ice. People had been complaining that the Parrot Ice tasted odd. Later that month the motor in the Parrot Ice machine burned out. When the repairman took it apart he found what was left of a rat; it was just skin and bones at this point. It had totally decomposed IN ICE slowly dispensing its slime into the Parrot Ice.

  6. Damnation! Now I have to rename my memoir, sine apparently “Slime in the Ice Machine” already has its own following.

  7. China King: Ya Burnt

    • I actually used to live right down the street from China King. It was well known in the hood not to go there. Ya know, white people problems in choosing the right ethnic restaurant and all.

  8. He did not get that robe from Grace Brothers, that’s for sure.

  9. They uncovered uncovered food? Miracles.

  10. RIP Marvin. Your crusade against slime in the ice machine will live on. Also, your theme song “Slime In The Ice Machine” to the tune of “Mirror In The Bathroom” will live on in my head all day long. Your contributions to journalism and my own personal joy today are countless. You will be missed.

  11. His last words, “I should have never eaten that taco from El Charro, on the 6800 block of North Shepard.”

  12. Growing up in Houston I was haunted by this man’s earlobes for years.

    As pendulous as his testicles, I assume.

  13. Marvin Zindler was iconic in Houston. When I was 13, I took a picture with him and it is still one of the highlights of my life. I was sincerely sad when he died. Also, I use to think he was an alien.

  14. Holy shit. The Astros and playing the Pirates tonight?!

  15. Speaking of Houston icons, Mattress Mack once spoke at my junior high and was a raging asshole. I bet Marvin would have been more fun.

    • He spoke at my elementary school about cocaine addiction. He equated cocaine use to having a monkey on your back which, as an elementary school student, sounded awesome.

      I was a little perplexed at the time but now, as an adult, me thinks someone was performing some community service.

      • Did he have someone wearing a gorilla suit on stage with him? He talked about drugs at our school too. Then he starting talking shit to a 12 year old who had giggled at something and it all went downhill.

        • Yes, there was a gorilla. I remember him refusing to sign autographs and driving away in red corvette.

          Oh Houston, your icons are as fucked up as your climate and landscape.

      • I’m willing to bet it was community service. I know someone who worked for Gallery and had coke issues of his own and supposedly used to supply Mack on occasion.

  16. My tip! He used my tip! I feel so important today!

  17. I love the photo at the end of him feeding pasta to his dog. This dog knows what I’m talking about:

  18. He was so dedicated to his work. Some might even say he was TOO dedicated, but what do they know?

  19. Geez … Action 13 is a merciless sweatshop.

    Marvin Zindler: “I need tp take a day off from work to get a quadruple bypass at the local hospital.”

    Marvin Zindler’s boss at Action 13: “No.”

  20. The photo of cat dancing above looks funny. Ha ha ha!!
    Nitric Oxide Rush

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