Am I missing something? Is every single last jail cell in America full? Is that the problem? Because let me tell you something: WE CAN SOLVE THAT PROBLEM. The solution is called: put Ke$ha on a trash barge and send that trash barge out into the middle of the ocean. What is she wearing? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. “Well, it’s a combination of scrap metal and meat glue–” I said I don’t want to know. Cool tequila product placement, though. So awesome. Fuck yeah. Bottle of tequila! Shit yeah. So sick. Kill me. Dump my body anywhere. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Kesha really looks like she smells.

    • She does.

    • I like this statement for many reasons. 1. Because it implies that Kesha appears to smell. 2. Because it implies that her looks (which are bad) are equaled by her aroma (which is clearly bad). 3. Because it implies that maybe she doesn’t have full grasp of her sense and that her olfactory and visual abilities are impaired to an equal degree.

      Basically: Triple insult! Boom!

  2. Why are they partying in that tunnel from Brick? There are dead bodies there, not a place to party

  3. I thought I’d post a kitten gif to make everyone feel better.

    Wait, don’t watch the video, little kitty!

    Too late.

  4. She raps like somebody from a pizza commercial.

  5. “We’re dancing like we’re dumb…” I think someone needs to tell Ke$ha want the word “like” means.

  6. I just ughed so hard, I think I pulled a muscle.


  8. I’m not allowed to listen to videos at work (Thank you?) but why all the Plenty of Fish (’s dumpster) shots? We R Who We R (Sluts) maybe?

  9. Is this where you’re looking for your next girlfriend / boyfriend?

  10. Say what you will about Ke$ha.

  11. I assume that this type of music became popular in trashy bars that have “Sexy Underwear Contests” and “Glow Stick Nights” and “Lots of People Dry Humping on Dancefloors”

  12. Kesha take your own advice and

    Also: Stop Singing!

  13. why do i feel like i need to look for a new girlfriend and drink some tequila. brb.

  14. Why does every Ke$ha song feel like I’m being threatened by a teenager?

  15. Favorite part of the video: Ke$ha haphazardly flinging herself off of a very tall building into silent freefall.

    Least favorite part of the video: Ke$ha taking a shit on the laws of physics and surviving said freefall by being caught by a mass of garbage and tequila-scented meat sacs.

  16. Let’s get her for treason. Wearing a ripped up American flag in your shitty music video is treason, right?

  17. I’m glad I got my cootie shot before watching this video.

  18. Like none of you have ever been out hitting on dudes. Hard. In metal pyramid stud eyebrow makeup.

  19. Taylor Swift looks sick guys.

  20. “We’re dancing till we’re du du dum dum dum dum”

    how many thousands of dollars do you guys think she made from that verse.

  21. You guys wanna know who LOVES Ke$ha’s?

    (Also, anything dirty or dingy or dusty.)

  22. This is far more frightening than anything Cormac McCarthy ever imagined. If this is what our post-apocalyptic destiny is, don’t expect me to carry the fire. I’ll use that precious bullet in a heartbeat. Also, can one person be the reason for a an entire planets downfall and still be allowed to throw tunnel raves in the sad, desolate world of her own creation?

  23. Yes, Bing. “OR” is correct.

  24. Bless her heart.

  25. I can’t believe I paused Gene Autry singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on my Pandora to listen to this.

  26. I remember the first time I ever heard of Ke$sha:

    Tik Tok was getting a lot of radio play (I guess), and my COUSIN had some of the song lyrics in her MSN MESSENGER name/nickname/whatever (cause, COOL cousin). I, having never heard of Ke$ha before, was all “WHAT DOES IT MEAN???”. So I typed the words into Google, and that’s when I knew.

    And the consequences will never be the same.

  27. Oh man, wait’ll these guys get a hold of her.

  28. Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” Video Might Be The Wor$t Ke$ha Video Yet, If It Is Even Po$$ible For $omething To Be Any Wor$e Than Her Previou$ Video$

    Po$ted at 3:45pm by Gabe 64 Comment$ $hare3

    Am I mi$$ing $omething? I$ every $ingle la$t jail cell in America full? I$ that the problem? Becau$e let me tell you $omething: WE CAN $OLVE THAT PROBLEM. The $olution is called: put Ke$ha on a tra$h barge and $end that tra$h barge out into the middle of the ocean. What i$ $he wearing? Don’t an$wer that. I don’t want to know. “Well, it’$s a combination of $crap metal and meat glue–” I $aid I don’t want to know. Cool tequila product placement, though. $o awe$ome. Fuck yeah. Bottle of tequila! $hit yeah. $o $ick. Kill me. Dump my body anywhere. (Via BuzzFeed.)

    /fixed it for you

  29. This is Science because I’ve seen it done on House. There are ways to trick your mind into perceiving what you want to see instead of what you really see. For example, tell your mind that the video actually ends at the 2:39 mark and you will all see for yourselves.

  30. Almost got me to press play, Gabe. Classic jokester, you.


    *presses off. Feels the universe lighten*

  32. I feel bad because I wear glitter on my eyes and stockings ripped up the sides.

  33. But this video is terrible, is what I am trying to say.

  34. I spent a really long time yesterday reading Ke$ha’s wikipedia entry (yeah, I need better hobbies), and here are a couple of important facts about her that I thought you guys should know:

    1. She got a near-perfect score on her SATs
    2. Her family was a host family on The Simple Life in 2004.
    3. She was number 57 on Maxim’s “definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women”
    4. She once got arrested for trespassing on Prince’s property so she could give him her demo tape.
    5. “Everyone’s really offended by that. But come on, brushing your teeth with Jack Daniel’s: what girl does that? People are like, ‘Do you really advocate brushing your teeth with bourbon?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, actually, I do, every day, for everybody. Especially eight year olds.’ I mean, what are you talking about? Of course I don’t. Come on.”
    6. I kind of secretly love her and I don’t know why but I think she’s actually secretly really smart and awesome :(

    • Woof, the whole “she’s actually really smart” myth, they always said that about assholes (re: Paris Hilton).

      I mean, of course, she must have had SOME brains to become famous, but also? You’re ruining the world. So if you really are smart, Ke$ha, stop hurting the world. In the end, I don’t care if she’s a genius: she’s still an asshole.

      (I totally read her wikipedia entry, too)

    • I was just thinking that she looks like a very plain, blonde little rich girl that some record company scooped up and said “It’s okay that you can’t actually do anything, sweetie, that’s what glitter and autotune are for.”
      According to Wikipedia, I’m not too far off.

  35. I think Kesha was discovered in a restroom, while singing “We R Who We R” into the mirror; a comb as a microphone. Unbeknownst to the fledgling singer, there was a talent agent in one of the stalls. The talent agent emerges from the stall…

    “You got the goods!”


    • Or maybe it went a little something like this :

      Kesha, adorned with her most impressive glittery eyebrows, steps into a talent agent’s office.
      Intrigued by her bizarre costume, he asks her ”And what is it exactly that you do, young lady?”
      Kesha rips up a flag with her carzy-sharp nails and starts her performance only to be suddenly interrupted.
      ”Oh I see” says the agent ”You’re the Ari$tocrat!”

  36. Am I a bad monster if I don’t want to T14TT and watch this video? I thought Gabe hired Joe Mande for just this sort of thing.

  37. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  38. I wrote this thing earlier this year, about how music is getting so repetitive to the point of ridiculousness. I used examples of songs that repeated the same WORD over and over again. (SHOTS! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!)

    And now Kesha goes and ups the ante by repeating/stuttering PARTS of words.

    Idiocracy, you have your queen.

  39. i was having such an awful day. I had to pay an overdue cable bill after they shut my internet off. My mom called me asking me to call my grandma. I had to do laundry. And then I had to watch this video. I don’t want to go outside for the next two weeks. I’m turning off my internet. Shut it down.

  40. I’m pretty disappointed, as a constant reader of videogum comments, that no one has made a gif of Ke$ha readjusting her boob.
    I honestly thought that’d be the first comment. Oh well

  41. This song makes me hungry for chicken parm-parm-pa-pa-parm-parm-parm-p-par-parm.

  42. To be fair, she is talking true, she’s telling you what she’s doing – and they are dancing like they are dumb. Though I don’t think anyone told her that people stuck stuff to her face last time she passed out.

  43. My experience watching this video is as follows:

    “Ok, here I go. Pressing play. I try and stay away from this Kesha nonsense but whatever. EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Oh, well that’s not bad. That’s a beat that makes people dance. Maybe she’s not as bad as- EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Ok. That was terrible. ‘Does’ is grammatically incorrect in the context she used it, and it DO not rhyme with ‘club.’ Ugh. Oh man, there she is. This is Ba-ba-ba-bababad. Hmm, well now it’s kind of going ok. Wait- is it? That beat keeps swaying me. Lulls me into the rhthym. Hmm. Yeah. Maybe she’s not as ba- EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! This is dumb. Look at that ratty flag shirt. ‘DJ turn it up-up-up-up?’ UGH. She seems to have disregarded musical keys for this portion of the song. That’s dari-OH! She jumped! She’s gonna die! Oh! oh. Stage Dive Suicide. Could be a band name. Well, at least I thought of that while watching this video, so mayyyybeee- EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… Oh, thank the lord, it’s over. Now I remember why i stay away from this Kesha nonsense.”

    So there you guys go.

  44. I honestly don’t think that Kesha objects to anything, ever. “Metal studs on my eyebrows? Sure, why not. Garbage all over my body? Yes, please.” It’s sort of incredible, really.

  45. I do not like this, Sam-I-Am.

  46. Remember that scene in There’s Something About Mary, where Cameron Diaz spots ejaculate on Ben Stiller’s ear and is all, “Is that hair gel? This is great, I ran out!”, and then proceeds to gel her hair with the substance?

    I think Ke$ha met a crazy mountain man covered with feces and was all, “Is that makeup? Oh, I really need some! May I smear it all over my face, please? Thanks lover!”

  47. “This has been blocked in your country”

    Thank the lord, Vevo has a soul!!

  48. It makes me want to do this:

  49. Does anyone know what Ke$ha looks like? I mean I know I just looked at her for over 2 mins straight, but I’m still unsure. (file under “Honest Question”)

  50. excerpt from one of the top-rated comments on this video:

    “ke$ha said the whole song was to help those gay kids from not suiciding”

    … so, i mean.

  51. Damn. I made the mistake of pressing play. That was the $uck. And from the looks of it, it was filmed in the 2nd Street tunnel of Downtown LA.

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