While you might find it hard to imagine Mattew McConaughey as a lawyer, it’s weirdly very easy to imagine Ryan Phillipe as a violent date rapist who would hire Matthew McConaughey as a lawyer. Huh!

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  1. Hated Ryan Phillipe as Anakin Skywalker

  2. At first I was like

    But then I was like

  3. if it does not fit, you must go surfing with Eddie Vedder.

  4. #OJjokesABK

  5. He’s no Ryan Gosling, but Ryan Phillipe is still quite pretty.

  6. That’s funny, in my fantasies Mattew McConaughey is always a lawyer. And he is always asking to review my briefs. Then it breaks down, as we get mired in discovery motions and document requests. #lawstudentfantasies

  7. I’m amazed that I just watched an entire trailer in which Mathew McConaughey doesn’t take off his shirt.

  8. Here in my car, I can go anywhere, I can do anything,I can be a lawyer, in cars

  9. I’ll take The Rapists for $400.

  10. There’s an Antoine Dodson joke in there somewhere.

  11. i miss old kanye….my friend has a theory that he’s gotten progressively dumber since he “graduated”

    (also, if Matthew McConaughey can be a lawyer then surely i can pass my 1L midterms next week? it’s the little things that give me hope)

  12. Dagnammit, and here I thought this was going to be about the guy who defended John Wilkes Booth. Or a poorly translated study of Abraham’s pre-presidential years.

  13. So does Ryan Phillipe play Stephen Douglas?

  14. Now that Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas are in a movie together, it’ll be all total protonic reversal and the world will implode, so make sure to say goodbye to all your loved ones. Also, apologies to “Lawrence Mason” but at first I thought Ja Rule was driving that Lincoln Lawyermobile. Total Ja face at 0:22.

  15. i bet william h. macy’s mustache is the real killer

  16. Am I supposed to like one of those dudes?????

  17. Wait…. How can Matthew McConaughey AND Josh Lucas be in the same film? They are the same person!! It’s like Batman and Bruce Wayne being in the same room.

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