MILLIONS OF BEES ENTER, ZERO BEES LEAVE. Oh wait. Kind of sad. Oh well. Heaven just got a little more all the bees.

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Dec 1st, 2010 +38

    whoever wins, bees lose.

  2. Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the…

    Oh, wait. Just the birds now, I guess.

  3. I hear it was a sting operation

  4. Well this story certainly is not the bees-knees…*walks away in shame*

  5. So, beads are battling why now?

  6. This post was

  7. What a buzzkill.

  8. Let’s see you brings in more honey.

  9. This kind of horrific massacre would never happen with beads.

  10. I’m sorry, did you say it was a battle of the BEADS?
    Gob’s not on board.

  11. There was one survivor…

  12. These guys will win:

  13. Videogum is only reporting this because of the (tiny) corporate overlords at Buzzmedia.

  14. Letters from the Front: The Great Bee War of November 30th

    First floor guest room
    November 30th, 2010

    Sister Bee,

    I have no message of much importance to communicate to you. I have not heard from Gen. Beeregard for several minutes. The last account from The Kitchen, they were sick of fighting, as few expected a general engagement shortly. Gen. Yellowjacket had a skirmish with the Hive the other day. He took 2000 prisoners, saying nothing of killed and wounded. Our loss was 100 killed and wounded. The enemy totally routed, we captured five abdomen loads of honey, all of their commissary stores, and also their artillery. What I have stated as to this fight is true, for the bee I am staying with saw them with his own eyes, as they came with them from The Kitchen. Since that time, they have captured 4000, including 1000 cavalrybees, horseflys and all. If this be true, I say glory to The Queen for it. I have great faith in Yellowjacket and Beeregard, but not so much in Gen. Waspson as the others.

    I can’t think of anything else that will interest you. My health is fairly good at this time. You will write to me immediately. I have not heard much from the 1st floor guest room in three minutes. Direct your letters to The Attic, c/o The Attic Stairs. They will be forwarded from there to me. Write immediately.

    Nothing more remains,
    your warrior brother, until death,

    • Olde Hive Towne
      December 2nd, 2010

      Brother Bee,

      How it pains me so to hear of your trials and tribulations as well as the blood spilt among our bee brethren. If only we could rally around our mutual interests and forget the differences that divide us, brother bee against brother bee, but I do not foresee that happening. It has been a fortnight now that I cannot but help to think dark thoughts and to perceive the world in quite a negative light. How can I be an optimist? It is now an impossibility to me. As you know I am now with child, which is no position for a widow such as myself to be, and with only mother to help me, I am afraid for the baby bee’s health. At this point, I am afraid to say I am quite desperate.

      I have lost a father and a husband, and soon I may loose a brother in you because of this damnable war. I can only pray to the great Queen bee in heaven to keep you safe and provide you guidance and grace. I know you will be haunted by the visage of your bee brothers whom you are forced to slaughter senselessly, but you must, you must make it back to us, your sister and mother. Our livelihood depends on it.

      My prayers and tears of lamentation,
      Sister Bee

    • God, this made me feel all sepia inside. Thank you.

  15. I was carried to Florida in a swarm of bees

  16. How can they all be dead? Wouldn’t there have to be one last bee? Or did it manage to get killed at the exact moment it killed another bee?

  17. this is what my nightmares have nightmares about.

  18. Nooooooooooooooo Macualay Culkin! Don’t go after the mood ring!

  19. this made me remember bee dogs, so their sacrifice was worth it.

  20. Following the battle, President Abeeraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysbeerg address


  22. Colony Collapse Disorder: The lighter side.

  23. When I saw the video title, “Bees Face Off in Home, Millions Die”, I thought it was referring to millions of dead humans, and I LOL-ed at the “WTF”-ness. But I then I resolved to GTFO Earth because OMG.

    “G2G everything!” – me.

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