Date: November 30, 2010
Time: 7:45 AM
Location: New York, New York
Source: NBC (Via Vulture)
Description: Popular American television host Matt Lauer interviews regular commentator Jean Chatzky about money-saving techniques during troubled economic times. At first TWSS goes unnoticed, and is in fact repeated and re-emphasized. Eventually host Lauer notices TWSS and finds it difficult to continue broadcast. Guest Jean Chatzky threatens violence. Co-host Meredith Vieira provides on-camera support in attempt to subdue laughter over TWSS, but finds it contagious. Ultimately, TWSS stands as a reminder that TWSS can be fun in addition to embarrassing. FILE UNDER: Fun TWSS, Morning TWSS, Lauer TWSS, Food TWSS.

Comments (32)
  1. Maybe you should be more glib, Matt.

  2. I got Batman!

  3. It’s not a problem to have to shrink your package with these temperatures, am I right fellas?

  4. Did anyone else notice he DOUBLES DOWN on the TWSS mid-way through by saying, “My partner is making it harder on me here.”

  5. Finally! Now Kanye has something to throw in Lauer’s face.

  6. “And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Matt Lauer’s small package grew three sizes that day.”

  7. “Unprofessional.” — Jimmy Fallon

  8. I love how innuendo is so pervasive in society, that people can’t finish a simple iterview because they keep talking about packages and shrinking packages and increasing package- HAHAHAHA. Ok, they’re right, it’s hard.

  9. “Whew, I’m glad we got through that segment. Next up we have a woman who says that she received a caulk injection in her…oh come on!” –Matt Lauer

  10. TV’s Fourth Wall, 1928-2010

  11. we are all 12 years old.

  12. Isn’t this a repeat of an earlier conversation on the Today Show?

  13. Was that Muzak Vivaldi at the end? Yikes.

  14. Lauer? I hardly know her!

    (booooo! means nothing!)

    • you know, i refreshed like three times. and didn’t understand where that comment went. now i know. it was hiding only to jump back up and shame me.

  15. “Lauer? i hardly know her!” (boooo, makes no sense!) P-Lauer? plow-her? i’m giving up.

  16. I’m glad they mentioned that, along with the package, they would also be shrinking the box. And thus, the republic was saved.

  17. In the words of Will Ferrell….MATT LAUER CAN SUCK IT!

  18. I don’t think i understand these sophisticated white man jokes that they are making laughter towards

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