It is going to be hilarious when Mark Ruffalo is added to the “no fly” list and is forced to travel across country with Zach Galifianakis in order to make it to LA in time for the birth of his child, although once again we will all be left to wonder if his character isn’t just a little TOO mean.

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  2. I hope his crime wasn’t being too handsome, since if that’s a crime I’m going to jail

    • Echoing another commenter today, reading your comments with the voice and intonation of Dr. Zoidberg has turned you into a comic genius.

      • And now that I said “echoing,” I want to talk about Dollhouse. Did anyone here watch that show? I’m about 2/3 of the way through season 1. It’s at least as compelling as anything that’s been on TV in the last 3 years. What happened here? Why did this get terminated?

        • My Guess: Joss Whedon did something terrible to the president(s) of tv. I can only assume clowns were involved. Even I would have a blood vendetta against Joss Whedon if clowns were involved, Dr. Horrible be damned.

          • There is a lot going on in your reply. I award you one upvote.

          • I just finished the series about 2 weeks ago. It was pretty good. A lot of awesome recurring Whedon actors with things to do and lines to say, especially in season 2. Topher is a break out character, imo, as is Vincent.

            The two major factors of the show’s cancellation were 1) It was on FOX. 2) FOX gave it a Friday night time slot and no one watched it ever. The second season was only possible because Whedon and his group were able to make the show SO CHEAPLY that FOX wasn’t below their profit margin or something financial like that when they decided to renew it.

  3. Mark Ruffalo is to Vincent D’nonfrio as Nick Nolte is to Gary Busey.

  4. You don’t want to see him angry.

  5. This is all a plan to pat him down.

  6. “There. That’ll keep media attention away from this movie he’s trying to promote.” -Homeland Security

  7. You can count on me… not seeing Mark Ruffalo on an airplane.

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  9. Just goes to show, you promote a documentary about natural gas drilling and not Ruffalo feather or two.

  10. So is throwing people’s names on a “Terror Advisory” list when they support unpopular things this generation’s version of the blacklisting during the Cold War? “Get these guys out of here. They’re bad for business!”

    • In that article it states that, “Energy in Depth has published a list of claimed factual inaccuracies in the documentary,” But you know what? That guy can light his water on fire. I could make a whole documentary about that. When did he realize he could do that? Why can he light his water on fire? What’s the cause? What company started that? Who allowed that? Well who are they owned by? This is going all the way to the top, isn’t it? Great. Now I’m on a list.

  11. This wouldn’t have happened if we had just kept actors in first class where they belong.

    “Every time I see an actor on a plane, I get nervous.”

  12. Why don’t they just erase his related memories, wouldn’t that fix the issue?

  13. “I thought spinning ‘potential terrorist’ would be more difficult.”
    –Mark Ruffalo’s PR guy

  14. Granted this is the movie.

  15. OK Gabe, this is not cool. This is the second tip I’ve sent you without any credit. IF I DON’T GET CREDITED FOR MY NEXT TIP, I’M LEAVING. (JK, guys, I’m not leaving, but C’mon Gabe!)

  16. more like the spanish fly list. growl!

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