American actor/comedian Tracy Morgan sat courtside at a recent New York Knicks game while wearing a microphone. It’s not actually that funny, but a promise is a promise, so.

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  1. “I never promised you a rose garden.” -Gabe

  2. Did you guys hear the news today that Anne Hathaway just won the Oscar award? Probably for prettiest actress. James Franco also won an award but it is probably something like Man version of Penelope Cruz with a mustache or some other bull crap

  3. I wonder if it’s as un-funny as his recent HBO special.

  4. I just want Tracy in the booth with Charles Barkley. That’d be glorious.

  5. Is “Agua” a person or did he just take some spanish lessons recently? So confused.

  6. bummed that scott adsit is sitting two rows back in the b-list section.

  7. This was a thousand times more depressing than it was at all enjoyable.

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