And we’re back. (Via DailyWhat and BuzzFeed.)

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  1. I am so happy that U.S. Thanksgiving is all over and done with, cause, return of VIDEOGUM!!

  2. What can I say, you guys? That’s how I roll!…And No, I was not high on mushrooms. I AM HIGH ON LIFE!

  3. Post-touchdown celebrations are getting out of control.

  4. That pool looks way too shallow, is it a wading pool, why are all those adults in a baby pool? those things are just pure urine

  5. Thanks, dancing. Thanksdancing.

  6. “Wow, this girl is so unaware of and totally embarrassing herself.”

    -The Guy in the Speedo

  7. This has nothing to do with topic, but is this the greatest animated gif of all time? Maybe?

  8. Wow. What high art, amirite? It’s clearly a representation of man’s struggle to cope with evolution. She started in the “water,” a metaphor for both the actual sea and the proverbial primordial ooze, and fought to get herself out out of said “water,” however reluctant she was. but when she did get out of the water, teeth and claws barred, she danced. She danced, full with the knowledge that she had made it. But what lies for our little adventurer next? Only the universe knows.

    Videogum: enriching lives through art. One day at a time.

  9. When Videogum didn’t post for five days I was like this:

    Then I found out that it was an American holiday because Turkey and that it would be coming back Monday and I was like this:

    • More Black Books gifs please! I never understood evangelicals until I watched that show and felt the need for every poor lost soul I know to experience the glory and wonder for themselves.

  10. Just to warn you, I bought the Black Books boxset this weekend, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of these gifs from me.

  11. “Hey honey, do you remember where I pull all the drugs? Honey?”

    -You in your hotel room

  12. that is too many people for one pool!

  13. Day, you have been made. Thanks, Videogum!

  14. Oh, hey Ke$ha.

  15. I kept hoping it would end like this

  16. See also, teacherman’s Thanksgiving

  17. shes pretty.

  18. Hey everybody, I’m glad VG is back but just because VG takes a break doesn’t mean chat does. A lot of fun was had during the break including my meme-ification by Burgy.

    Please don’t hate me if I use these in every comment I make. I won’t but if I do…

  19. You know things are bad when your own friends are taping your embarrassing dancing. (Yes, I got to the end of the video.)

  20. I’m not sure where this was filmed but what a tolerant nation it is; her friends totally welcomed her back into the group even after that display.

    -I made it to the end too.

    • I always play the game “Guess What Country” when I see videos like this. It is usually Eastern Europe. My guess is Moldova.

  21. Well, only 753 Days left until December 21st, 2012.

    Enjoy it.

  22. I made it to the end, too, and saw that she appears to have a boyfriend or at least some guy that embraces her. So she can’t be “your girlfriend”… or can she?

  23. I think the scariest part of that video was when it became clear that her bathing suit was not a thong, just a giant wedgie she’d been ignoring.

  24. The video is even more fun (terrifying?) if you imagine the music being added after the fact.

  25. Given her alternative, which was to be in the deep end believing she was in the shallow end and NOT try to swim, then quickly drowning and sinking to the bottom, I feel she made the right choice.

  26. You know that half-eaten zombie crawling towards Grimes in the first episode of the Walking Dead? That was her dance move for the first half of this clip.

  27. Wait, no one made a Kesha joke yet…?

    Someone should get on that.

  28. Apparently, the voice in the back is an exercise instructor yelling, in russian: “Are you gonna watch the show, or are you gonna exercise?”

  29. Would that I were there to enjoy with them…!!
    Muscle X edge

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