The thing that I don’t understand about Mean Girls 2, besides EVERYTHING, is who’s the target audience? Teens don’t want a straight-to-DVD movie starring Tim Meadows, and the people who loved the first Mean Girls are all in assisted living facilities. Could somebody please ask whoever played Stiffler’s mom in American Pie 9? She’ll know.

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  1. OH no. I’m so sorry people spent time making this.

  2. Well at least they got the principal to come back.
    Poor guy.

    • But lucky us.*

      us = the bursar’s office at Tim Meadow’s kid’s college.

    • There is also a interesting shortage of scum-sucking road whores who ruin people’s lives, hair so big it’s full of secrets, and girls who have ESPN and weather boobs. One principal can’t make up for that.

  3. So…it’s the same movie again, but with an inferior cast?

  4. “Hell, no! I did *not* leave the South Side for this again!” —Mean Girls 2 quotes

  5. <—This ginormous Tina Fey fan is appalled, furious, hungover(eh, what's new) and just plain sad.

  6. Once, in highschool, I tripped and fell on my butt. #MLIMG2

  7. Let me check…

    Yup, looks like a 100% chance that this movie will not be as good as the original!

  8. I give this movie two GAHHHs and an OH, BROTHER!

  9. This movie is almost too FUCKING AWFUL to function.

  10. This is so NOT fetch.

  11. This movie is so bad, I’m surprised Lindsay Lohan wasn’t in this. (or maybe she was and she dropped out due to “exhaustion.”)

  12. It’s shocking to me that LiLo isn’t in this movie. Isn’t she broke? They must not have even offered it to her.

  13. Did anybody else catch that they made those people vomit with a bottle of something called “Easy Upchuck”?

    Available wherever fine poisons are sold!

  14. “Coach Carr, how many times I gotta tell you? Step away from the underage girls!” —Mean Girls 2 quotes

  15. “My apologies. I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee.” —Mean Girls 1 quote. I just like this quote.

  16. Well, at least they refrained from naming it “Meaner Girls.”

  17. “Never in my 20 years as an educator have I seen such behavior. And from young ladies. I’ve got parents calling me on the phone and asking, ‘Did someone get shot?’ I oughta cancel your Blowjob Contest.” —Mean Girls 2 quotes

  18. “Yeah, I can’t NOT do this.” —Tim Meadows, when approached to be in Mean Girls 2

  19. “But I can’t help it if I have a heavy flow and a wideset vagina.”

  20. I noticed the Lost Boys 3 in the video store on sunday. they aren’t numbering them, but I rented the Lost Boys 2 a couple years ago, so it’s at least that high.

    so sad they’re doing this.

  21. None for you, Glenn Coco. None for you.

  22. Can we have a Tina Fey dissaproval gif?

  23. kevin gnapoor, mathlete and bad ass mc, would not approve

  24. Here’s what happened: someone from The Studio saw Tina Fey at a party and was all “Will you write Mean Girls 2″ and she said “You Betcha” and then they got the half finished script and realized it was actually Sarah Palin.

    There was probably an easier way to make that joke but I get paid by the word.

  25. This movie is the nastiest skank bitch I’ve ever met.

    Do not trust it. It is a fugly slut!

  26. From the creative minds behind Arli$$ and Beethoven’s 5th…

    By the way, this is a fact not a joke.

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