Sometimes it is enough to just be happy without all the CHIT CHAT about why. (Via

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  1. Official 2016 Olympic Sport. Just you wait and see.

    • You mean 2012, right?

        I only live a few miles east of London, and can reach most of the Olympic venues by train in under half an hour. I’ve signed up to be a volunteer and part of that is being given a rough outline and schedule of the evnts taking place. To claim that Shooting Guns With Your Feet While Lying On The Hood Of A Car would be an official Olympic Sport in 2012 would not only be a gross lie, but would also mis-represent the Olympic Games of my home country to foreign countries, which I would not want to do as a citizen ambassador for the Games. Or something like that. I wasn’t really paying in Volunteer School.
        *Not that interesting

        • Fixed:
          “I only live a few lorries east of London, and can reach most of the Olympic lorries by lorry in under half a an hour. I’ve signed up to be a lorry and part of that is being given a rough lorry and and shedool of the lorries taking place. To claim that Shooting Lorries With Your Feet While Lying On The Hood Of A Lorry would be an official Olympic Lorry in 2012 would not only be a gross lorry, but would also mis-represent the Olympic Lorries of my home lorry to foreign lorries, which I would not want to do as a citizen lorry for the Lorries. Or something like that. Lorry lorry lorry…”

  2. Wait, I thought Trailer Day was Wednesday? Going back to the Trailer Park so soon?

  3. Oh God, not feet. Please not feet.

  4. And yet Liberals don’t think we know how to handle our guns.

  5. Zombies, prepare to meet your maker.

  6. Those liberals’ll have to pry it out of his cold dead feet.

  7. I guess making sandwiches at Renaissance Faires wasn’t enough of a thrill for him anymore:

  8. Careful now- This guy’s got an itchy trigger toe.

  9. uh oh.

    NRA’s new argument for fewer restrictions on automatic assault weapons:
    the armless and mentally deranged shouldn’t have to reload and pull the trigger every time they want to shoot with their feet.

  10. I’ve heard of shoot from the hip, but this is getting ridiculous.

  11. Why did he have to bring my grandma’s throw pillows into this?

  12. to be fair, the dude has no hands. What else is he gonna shoot his .45 with?

  13. I don’t know this guy looks pretty ‘armless to me guvnor.

  14. FireARM safety is always.. oh, um, people should know how to HANDle there, uh … always keep your guns secure in their SHOULDER harnesses, damn… When not firing, always keep your finger at rest next to, shit! I’m sorry you have no arms, Michael!

  15. Move over Tony Melendez. ( insert html : ). This guy is really inspiring, he reminds us that even though life might give you lemons, you can still handle a tool to give somebody else even worse lemons.

  16. I’m sensing an ironic prosthetics opportunity here, you guys!

  17. I wonder how long before he shoots himself in the foot.


  18. I’d like to see this with a shotgun.

  19. I can pick things up with my feet, and open drawers, turn doorhandles, etc.
    Don’t act like you are not ALL impressed.

  20. So the word “arms” was a little shortsighted.

  21. in this dude’s mind there is some scenario where he and a few other americans are being held captive by the Muslims, and the Muslims are being really careful not to let the other americans sneak and grab one of the guns and turn the tables. but they are not watching him closely, cause you know, no arms. and so then he grabs one of their guns with his feet and says “HEEL Islamists!” or “I’M GIVING YOU THE BOOT Mohammed!” and he kills them all cause they attacked america.

  22. Lt. Dan-ish, anyone?

  23. I think SOMEBODY’S in love.

  24. Wow, that’s quite a feat! (Sorry.)

  25. “Every two shots I turn the safety on” is the new “I move away from the mic to breathe in”

  26. Videogum is turning into Pungum. Did the commenters from failblog just find out about this place in the last few months?

    Also, that guy’s big toes are weird. They’re MUCH more opposable than mine.

  27. Watch out for the kickback! (sorry)

  28. I like this guy but the whole time the video was playing, a caption appeared at the bottom that said, “Want to be a singer?” Yes, caption, yes: That is exactly what I am thinking as I watch this man shoot with his feet. “I want to sing.”

  29. WAIT, we’re into MAKING fun of armless guys NOW? WHATEVER his life probably SUCKS, SO if he wants to shoot AIMLESSLY into a field with HIS FEET THAT’S HIS poor decision, but WHATEVER.

  30. “Oh shit… what was that? Is that an intruder in my house? OK Brian, calm down, this is the exact thing you’ve been training your feet for ever since you lost your arms in that terrible farming accident. OK, out of bed… woop… that never gets easy… OK, tip toe down the hall to the gun safe… 5… 43… 22… heh heh, maybe I could start a sideline as the armless safe cracker… FOCUS BRIAN! OK good, get out the gun and load it… woops, dropped some bullets… I’m all buttertoes right now… Alright, now to lie down on the floor and position myself juuuuust right…. FREEZE! Oh fuck, the safety is on!”

  31. When I was little I saw an episode of Oprah wherein a woman lost her arms in a tragic accident and had to do everything with her feet. I became paranoid that one day I could lose my arms too and started practicing doing everything with my feet.

    Long story short, I can open a starburst with my toes (this was my fun fact about myself freshman year of college–people get really confused about whether or not it’s supposed to be sexy but SPOILER ALERT: it’s not) and I totally get this dude.

    That’s my husband.

  32. not to be all seriousgum, but i sort of hate that people are making fun of a guy with no arms.

    i actually think it’s incredible that people learn to adapt after being faced with a disability.

    this may seem like an odd choice for someone to learn, but we SHOULD all be so lucky to find what makes us happy, especially if we have to overcome something as serious as having no arms.

    • i don’t sort of hate it actually… i really hate it. comments like these make me think i’ve stumbled onto youtube.

      • Honestly, the guy seems pretty happy. He’s adapted to life having no arms, he seems to have found some things that he’s good at, and at no point am I led to believe that he wallows in misery and self pity. He even seems like he has a sense of humor about his situation.

        So if he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, why do YOU have to wallow in his misery and self pity for him?

        • there is a difference between making bad jokes about someone with a disability and wallowing in self pity for them.

          i applaud his happiness and find him inspiring… i don’t see how that means that i am wallowing in misery for him.

          • You seem to be taking offense on his behalf. He doesn’t need you to defend him, he can shoot guns with his feet!

          • dude, the guy said something along the lines of “let’s see them try to come attack america now”

            I’m going to fuck with people that say things like that behind their backs. always. having a disability will not excuse anyone if they say things like that. it’s better for the world that I do this.

            pun, or motif, or whatever this is intended: it’s open season on this stupid stupid piece of shit of a human being.

  33. Shut up Gertie. They’re just feet.

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