Yay! We did it! It’s Friday! Everything is falling apart all around us, and we live with the perpetual knowledge that, like, 99 percent of the world’s population lives in abject poverty, and yet we nevertheless feel a genuine sense of accomplishment just getting to the end of another work week in our extraordinarily privileged lives. It’s OK. Feelings are feelings, there is no stopping them. BARTENDER, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Anyway, you know what this calls for? An autumn jam! Volume UP:

Can’t stress this enough you guys: CONGRATS. I know it was pretty touch and go there for awhile (Tuesday between 1 and 3PM were rough stuff, probably!). But here we are, alive to tell the tale. Of this week? Although, not sure who’s going to be talking when there is so much dancing going on. DANCE PARTY! (Thanks for the tip, Njoy.)

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  1. You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few booties shake

  2. Wow, I haven’t listened to The Thodis in years!

  3. “Se Gnorisa Sto Facebook” seems to translate to “I masturbate to Brad Pitt”. And why shouldn’t it?

  4. I’m going to borrow Gretchen Carlson’s rope. I’m off to heaven, y’all!

  5. Oh hey, you guys found my video! So, what do you think? Awesome, right?

  6. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of autumn jams recently?
    “A million Autumn Jams isn’t cool. You know what is? A BILLION.”
    - Gabe, apparently

  7. I glad Facebook has finally inspired a relevant piece of art.

  8. Bangs’ll totally freestyle over this in his Facebook-themed mixtape, where he raps about the events after “Meet me on Facebook”.

  9. Yay! I love when my tips are used. Happy Friday everyone!

    The best part about this video is that the picture of Brad Pit is definitely a print out and it is definitely glued to the computer screen.

  10. I think this is a metaphor for something

  11. Judging by the current snugness of my pants, this post should have gotten a “NSFW” heading.

  12. Was she supposed to be singing that song? She wasn’t convincingly lip syncing..or even…type syncing. Need more eagle headed men in loin cloths, Friday.

  13. Stalkers understand the value of Facebook more than anyone.

    • I thought foursquare was the stalker’s website
      I just became the mayor of the bushes in front of your house

      • Good point, but you still need someway to figure out the most appropriate gifts to give. “I saw how much you love your cat. I turned him into this purse so now he can be by your side forever!”

      • I’m the mayor of that weird-looking car that’s been parked outside your house for a couple of mornings now when you leave for work.

  14. Brad Pitt’s new nickname is “Peanut Butter” because Efi Thodi is definitely the Jam. Also, he smells like peanut butter – little known Hollywood Fact.

  15. The worst part about all of these Summer and Autumn jams is that they are across the board better than 90% of the music I have recorded in my life. I’m not trying to be self-deprecating, just honest.

  16. Did someone mention a DANCE PARTY?!?! I got the glow sticks….who has the E pills?

  17. I refuse to make fun of this. This lady likes Brad Pitt and Facebook? She wanna write a song about it? Fuck it — it’s Friday, lady. Jam out!

  18. Alright. *seriousgum alert* Can I go a day without having to feel bad about being lucky enough to be born into relative wealth in a first world country? I get it, it sucks in the rest of the world. I donate to charities and I’m a nice person but… And even typing this I’m thinking that I look like an asshat but… you know?

    Bah, I’m sorry. It’s friday!

  19. From Wikipedia:
    “Since March 2009 Thodi makes television appearances claiming that she discovered a special spiritual power inside her that enables her to help and heal people. She also claimed that she had seen divine visions to the dismay of her family.”

    This explains so much.

  20. Do you think she feels the same way about Mark Zuckerberg? Or do you suppose the Zucks is completely distraught over the fact that Brad Pitt basically stole his cameo in Efi Thodi’s latest jam?

  21. Facebook, you say? She looks more like a craigslist personals type, but whatever.

  22. That’s Brad’s Jam!

  23. You guys dont know anything. She is from my country, Greece. She has a sheep as a pet…in Athens (7 million people population), which she birngs with her in the most prestigious night clubs. Once they did not allow her in and she dumbed the sheep, she tied on some street light and she forgot about it.

    She s done many stupid things,but at some point she started speaking with God. Its ok when you speak to God, many people do it. The problem is, when God starts replying back. So for some part she claimed she was able to cure any sickness, cancer, leukemia and stuff. And thats when people started getting mad with her.

    Well, eventually she completely lost her shit and tried to commit suicide by drawning in a 20 cm fountain, so she got locked up in a mental institution for a couple of months. Haven t heard of her for a while.

    You can also check out her “Smoke on the water”

    and “I love you baby”
    Traslation below: The Disco Girl.

    And lastly…

    Efi Thodi taking a shower.

    Translation below: The ultimate female.

    I met you in Facebook lyrics – translation.
    “I looked for you in NOrth West and East, I travelled or around the world to see your eyes, Asia Africa America and Australia, who would imagine it, that I would find you here,

    I met you in Facebook, and…MADNESS CAME TO ME,
    and everything that is written in your profile is burning me”

    Sorry I cant do it anymore.

    • Hey nikker, thanks for this, seriously. Very helpful!

      However, we do know SOMETHING, right? We collectively know at least a little bit more than NOTHING? Just sayin’…

  24. A Dance Party, you say?

  25. Viral marketing for The Social Network sure is getting weird. I mean, Brad Pitt’s not even in the movie.

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