Dane Cook will be starring in a Broadway production of a Neil LaBute play. I knew theater was dead, but I didn’t know that it was also an asshole. Huh!

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  1. In the Company of Talentless Assholes

  2. “Mr. Cook described his role as ‘a character that hopefully people will love to hate.’”

    Well then, well done Mr. Cook!

    • What I like about Dane Cook is that he’s willing to try those new kinds of roles that people may not necessarily associate with him as an artist.

  3. Something tells me these guys have something to do about it…

  4. Let’s see him try and get Editor’s Choice! Fat chance!

  5. Going for your EGOT, Mr. Cook? All I can say is Good Luck, Chuck!

  6. Finally! Recognition of REAL talent! There’s hope for us all!

  7. Guys, I’m beginning to think we’ve got a sentient Bing on our hands.

  8. Can someone please post something fluffy and/or heartwarming? After Dane Cook, the Wizard of Oz remake and all the other terrible things in the world, I really think we need to hearken back to the days of kittens fainting and iguanas farting in bathtubs.


  9. I love Neil Labute…I’m sure he’ll play the asshole in Fat Pig..

    • So when I posted this, I hadn’t actually read the article yet….damn you dane cook, you’re so fucking predictable….and that’s not exactly a “starring” role, you asshole….the poor heavy actress who’s willing to do this part to get her equity card is the star, not you….i’m sure you’ll be a gentleman to her.

  10. Dane Cook is huge right now, you guys. He could LITERALLY hold the entire world in his hands.

  11. Dear Gabe,

    Speaking of stand up comedians (speaking of amazing segues), I thought you were great at Big Terrific last night. Especially the joke about it perpetually being 4 am. I had to run out, so I couldn’t tell you in person, and I don’t think you would see my tweet, so here it is.

    That is all.

  12. Dane Cook is not my favorite comic but I heard him on Marc Maron’s podcast and I came away from it liking him. I think all the hate he gets is bandwagon horseshit.

    • I liked his SNL hosting monologue from a few years ago. That whole episode was actually not that bad. And his support of unknown comedians is admirable. But the man cannot act, and the more he tries the more he starts drifting into Jeff Dunham likability.

      • I liked his SNL monologue too. As far as his acting I’ve never seen him in anything. I do remember him saying in Maron’s podcast that he took drama class in high school. Maybe it didn’t stick.

      • He was okay in a stupid movie where Kevin Costner played a serial killer that my parents Netflixed last Christmas and liked. The script took some semi-clever potshots at him, too.

    • Let me just say, I have heard him in interviews and he seems like a a nice guy. As an actor, I don’t really like him, but I do like his old stand up (Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation). #Confessionsgum #Dealwithit

      • I think “asshole” is a little harsh here. I think he’s a mostly unfunny guy, dresses like a douche, and seems to be un-self-aware in a way that makes me kind of annoyed, but he seems to love his fans and to be a genuine guy.

        Also, I think he grew up in an alcoholic home and has some buried heartache.

  13. is the whole hatred of dane cook based on joke stealing? ’cause if I have to choose between Cook and Joe Rogan I choose ever commentator on this board who continually turn out the funny.

    • Speaking of joke stealing, they recently announced that Denis Leary was cast as Gwen Stacey’s (Emma Stone’s) dad in the Spider-Man reboot, which prompted the guy that always has to leave a comment about how Denis Leary’s album “No Cure For Cancer” is a huge crib note of Bill Hicks’ “Dangerous.” Now, I’m a HUGE Bill Hicks fan, much moreso than I am a Denis Leary fan, but I also enjoy No Cure For Cancer and I like Denis Leary, although I appreciate him much more as an actor than for his stand-up.

      So today, I’m listening to a podcast and my mind wanders back to that guy in the comments section, thinking, “Yeah, we all know. Can we give it a rest now? It’s not like Denis Leary is STILL stealing Bill Hicks’ material, or anyone else’s for that matter. It sucks that all of that went down but let’s fucking DROP IT already. Bill Hicks was barely outraged about this when he was ALIVE. H made a joke about how it’s interesting to hear someone else doing his old material and that was that. The shelf life on this matter has EXPIRED. MOVE ON, man.”

      And as I’m thinking this it turns out I’m listening to the most recent PRI: The Sound of Young America with Jessie Thorn interviewing Judd Apatow and they’re playing excerpts of some of the old comedian interviews Judd did when he was a high schooler as well as a recording of Judd’s old act, and as I’m thinking about Denis Leary’s material I hear Judd Apatow from 1992 doing the “voicebox at the drive thru bit” that Denis Leary does. “BZZT STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!” “BZZT I’M NOT MAKING FUN OF YOU!” You know, that bit.

      My mind just lightly pumped my brain breaks and I thought, “Well, Judd Apatow wrote and sold plenty of jokes to comedians. I wonder if Denis paid him for that?”

      So crazy, jokes.

  14. Have you ever noticed though that all Neil Labute stories are kind of the same. There is 2 dudes, one is very confident and a jerk, the other is nice, but awkward…conflict ensues, usually over a girl….unhappy ending with a twist

  15. Go earn yourself a Videogum EGOT, Dane. Then we’ll talk.

  16. I read this as “Dane Cook Working at EPCOT”, and I was like, obviously.

  17. This story is so funny I forgot to laugh.

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