Whoa. It’s crazy how they were able to make the CGI suit that he wears look just as CGI as his face. SEAMLESS! Visual technology is just really something else these days, isn’t it, you guys? Seriously, though, Ryan Reynolds has a major case of Photoshop Phace. I wonder if he and his bride go to the same belt-sander. Also: how many scary foreheads does this movie have? I counted 20. (I’m really good at math, so there is no need to go back and double check my work.) This movie should just be called Comical CGI Bodysuit Vs. The Scary Foreheads. Better. In any case, I am definitely on the edge of my seat wondering if he will become responsible, because it seems like at the beginning of the movie he’s not responsible? But like, the bearer of the ring needs to be responsible? Fingers crossed!

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  1. With great CGI face comes great responsibility.

  2. I still refuse to believe that “Let’s get these pants off and fly some planes” is an actual line in a movie

  3. Ryan Reynolds’ Photoshop Phace is pretty. I’d hit that.

  4. I think the director sent the audience a pretty clear message by putting the ring on his middle finger.

  5. I’m just going to go ahead and pretend Gabe posted the “Your Highness” trailer instead and talk about that because who cares about this one?

    The “Your Highness” trailer is so great. If I wasn’t at work, I’d be watching it right now.

  6. I think it looks decent. I hope we’re getting Casino Royale Martin Campbell and not Edge of Darkness Martin Campbell.

  7. cool parachute, syfy channel original movie.

  8. Van Wilder’s really gone places since he graduated from college.

  9. So this is the third “Waiting” movie? Man, they jumped the shark on this.

  10. Also nice choice Bing

  11. Isn’t this supposed to be good movie season?

    • and in a related note, is “How do You Know” supposed to be good or awful….I mean…it doesnt look great, but Jack Nicholson is in it so it can’t be THAT bad, could it?


    I am fairly excited for this. I am a secret Green Lantern-head, and Hal has always been my favorite. Ryan Reynolds may be a bit douchey, but he seems to respect the material. He is also set to be Deadpool (although more true to the source material than what the Wolverine movie presented, so yay!). I am more torn on that, because on the one hand I love Deadpool, but on the other hand I am not sure if Ryan Reynolds is effective when one cannot see his pretty, pretty face.


    • Haha, you like a superhero who’s weakness is a color! A color! A PRIMARY color, even!

    • If Ryan plays Deadpool, then who will play LADY Deadpool?!

    • In other new, The Walking Dead Series Finale to be Titled “/endgeekout”.

    • I’m with you on the Green Lantern part, LBT. I love the Green Lantern, and I loved Hal Jordan. This is definitely a movie I will pay full price to see, but then be pissed that I did that because it’s not as good as I had hoped it would be.

    • lilbobbytales, I’m with you. I’m not a Green Lantern fan per say, having never read DC’s line of superhero comics back in the day, but often times the comic films I enjoy the most (if they’re decent) are the ones about characters I don’t know too much about. Deadpool seems like the one character Reynolds should play the most in an assortment of big-budget, eh-films, because Deadpool’s a talky fuck who gets on people’s nerves and he consistently gets mutilated in all sorts of hilarious(?) ways, which seems like it would be some sort of meta-commentary on the actor himself.

      But speaking of Wolverine, I never thought I would give a shit about Wolverine news, but Darren Aronofsky is directing the new film “The Wolverine,” with a screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Way of The Gun), it’s set in Japan, and they just announced it’s a stand-alone film with no real connection to the god-awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So that’s interesting.

      Back to GL- I’m looking forward to Mark Strong’s Sinestro. I’ve heard he’s going to just be a GL in this film, and hopefully if they pull off a GL trilogy Sinestro will turn into a bad-ass Shakespearean villain by the time the third chapter rolls around. Fingers crossed!

    • I’m wandering how the sequels are going to work. Are we going to have a Guy Gardner or a John Stewart? Or are we going to stay with Hal Jordan until the end?

    • I’m a huge GL fan too, and I’ve basically been waiting for 10 years, but it looks….terrible? And if I weren’t told this were Hal, and they didn’t show a jet, I would have no idea what Green Lantern it was supposed to be.

      Convince me to be hopeful?

  13. I can’t wait for the scene when Carol Ferris texts Hal Jordan about her new CGI Gucci flats.

  14. Serious question. How does Blake Lively keep getting work when all she can do is Serena Vanderwoodsen in different colored, more mussed hair?

  15. Blake Lively is terrible in everything ever.
    I will watch any comic book movie though, so I guess I will just have to tolerate it.

  16. Is Blake Lively an actual actress now? Is that what I’m being led to believe?

  17. Meh, I’m sure I’ll see it. And chances are that my critique of it will be the same as my critique of every other comic book movie: “I don’t read the comic so I thought the origin story was kind of cool because I didn’t know it before, but the rest of the plot was pretty weak. The action sequences were fun but looked fake enough to distract me. There were a couple of funny one-liners and the leading man (or woman) is nice to look at. Overall I’d say it’s decent as a matinee, but I wouldn’t pay the money to see an evening show. Fun for the most part, but entirely forgettable.”

  18. why would they let krang from the ninja turtles be a green lantern?

  19. I’m not sure why, but looking at Ryan Reynolds’s face makes me embarrassed. He seems like someone I would meet and end up dating despite being fully aware that I hate him.

  20. Oooooohhh … CGI!!

  21. i don’t know this comic at all. so he can make anything he thinks of? that’s pretty sweet. i’d make a bucket of kittens and pour them over rooms full of puppies and watch them all snuggle. screw saving the world.

  22. These comments are a lot more forgiving than other nerd comment threads (we’re all nerds, sorry if you had to find out this way!). You would think the io9-ers were just raped by George Lucas (again?). This trailer is full of meh, but Martin Campbell is a pretty reliable director, and DC seems to have made a quality effort of making GL not quite as lame. I’ll see it.

  23. Hey! Are they flying around in the ship from Flight of the Navigator? I hope Paul Reubens is the voice of this one, too.

  24. about mid-way through this trailer i realized i had to stop waiting for seth rogan to show up because this is the green LANTERN and not the green HORNET. #differentthings

  25. You know where this movie lost me? You would think it was when he meets the alien and gets super powers because a piece of jewelry chose him knowing that he was an irresponsible boy with a heart of responsibility. But you would be wrong. I’m okay with that. What I am not okay with is the premise that Blake Lively is playing a jet fighter pilot. My suspension of disbelief only takes me so far here guys.

  26. When I was younger, the Canadian TV station YTV had a show called “Worst Witch”. It was about these girls at Witch School, and this one girl was just the WORST WITCH.

    I guess what I mean to say is Blake Lively is the WORST ACTRESS.

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