Matt LeBlanc has a new show coming to Showtime this January called Episodes. The premise is that Showtime is adapting an award-winning British show for an American audience, and Matt LeBlanc is being cast as the star. I think? That is certainly what the new trailer (after the jump) seems to be saying. But there was an old trailer (also after the jump) in which Matt LeBlanc was going to be starring in an adapted British sitcom as a character named Matt LeBlanc. Very meta! Very 2002! Based on the earlier trailer it looked like Episodes was going to be like Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback crossed with Charlie Kaufman’s discarded brainstorming napkins. But here’s the other thing, the new trailer is AWFUL and the older trailer was DECENT, so between a possible shift in the show’s fundamental conceit AND a possible shift in the show’s BEING FUNNY OR NOT, I do not even know what to think.

It’s almost as if we’re going to have to wait to see the actual show and judge it on its own merits. Haha. Lame. What is this? SCHOOL? Watch both trailers after the jump and join the middling confusion!

Old Episodes Trailer:

New Episodes Trailer:

See what I mean? Hard to tell. Could really go either way. It’s so annoying when you can’t just jump to conclusions based on limited and carefully selected information put together by a team (or two opposing teams, here?) of publicists!

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  1. …and Lost In Space still remains popular in syndication.

  2. Wow this show looks bad. My reaction during the trailer

  3. “Could your new show BE any more meta?!”
    ~ Matthew Perry to his friend and former co-star, Matt LeBlanc

  4. This looks good but Friends, Charlie’s Angels, Episodes
    Why does he always play an actor

  5. I love Stephen Mangan so much so there’s that at least. Green Wing was so so good.

  6. Obviously, there is only one conclusion that we can reach from this: Matt Leblanc has gotten OLD.

  7. “I’m telling you dammit, we need MORE gold filter! No, I don’t think using this much filter in post-production makes it look like a cross between a jewelry store ad and a softcore porn, we need MORE!”

  8. Almost there:

  9. In the words of my beloved Valerie Cherish, “I don’t want to see that!”

  10. Remember that show Gravity on Showtime? Wasn’t that the worst? At least this isn’t that.

  11. “TWSS.”
    -Duh Aficionado’s EIC

  12. Finally! Someone has solved the riddle of how big Matt LeBlanc’s dick is. I was so worried that it wasn’t going to be enormous.

  13. wait….where’s the monkey?

  14. How you doin?

  15. In the first trailer I felt like Matt LeBlanc was at least a cool enough guy that he could be in a show within a show where he was the punchline. Then the dick joke in the second trailer makes me think that’s how he got over his pride..

  16. The One With Nobody Watching

  17. Matt LeBlanc is our generation’s Tony Danza.

  18. I don’t think the trailers are contradictory; I just think the second one reveals more of the premise. I agree it’s less funny, but it also makes the show seem more interesting. The British angle and the Matt Leblanc fucking up a marriage angle are more interesting than LOOK A CELEBRITY TRYING OUT FOR PARTS!

  19. WME shoutout yeeah

  20. At first I was giving this a hopeful “maybe this could be an ok adaptation” and then I realized I was confusing Episodes with Extras and gave up. I would find an image (preferably animated) to illustrate my thought process, but work is killing me and my spirit at the moment.

  21. not gonna lie, I couldn’t remember who Matt LeBlanc was until I saw the screencap.


  22. It’s like they took a British show based on an American show based on a British show, and are being forced to make it more American.

    I can’t tell if they’re in on the joke, but can having a shitty show really be your ultimate punchline?

  23. I have a feeling the first trailer was just to “reintroduce” us to Matt LeBlanc post-Friends. Like, he’s not just some sitcom actor, he can be cable funny and self deprecating. And it was a little joke about how they got Matt LeBlanc to be on the show. The new trailer is the actual show. And it doesn’t look good. It looks like it would be the mid-season replacement for Outsourced if Parks and Rec wasn’t coming back.

  24. “From the minds behind FART and BARF ABOUT YOU…”

  25. If Matt makes a lot of “air quotes” on the show while he talks, I’m in.

  26. Yeah but Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan!!! Green wing? No?

    Im casting my vote for ‘looks OK’ based on these two.

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