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  1. I feel like I’ve seen this trailer at least seven times before, but the upload date is today. Strange.

    • I think he made just one movie and they dub in some new lines and keep rereleasing it

    • Are people still exhilarated by trailers like these? I feel like I just watched a trailer for a Victorian-era period drama, for the amount of excitement I got out of that.

    • No, this has a modern eco-friendly message. “Save the fuel, we’re coming for YOU!” Also The guns are purchased through Fairtrade co operatives.

  2. “Those were my best teams, guess I’ll have to send more”

    -Every villain in every Jason Statham movie.

  3. You know…I think I may have started this whole “I wish so and so was my dad” thing, because a couple years ago I emailed Gabe telling him Slumdog was the worst movie of all time and that I wished he was my dad. Or my dad’s dad’s dad, I guess.

  4. I wish Jason Statham was my mechanic even though I still wouldn’t be able to understand what he’s saying.

  5. “Best jobs are the ones nobody ever knows you were there.” — $#*! My Mechanic Says

    (OK I’m done.)

  6. so wait… jason statham has cancer and cooks meth? #moviesidrathersee

  7. But Gabe, you’re old enough to be HIS dad!

  8. Well I’m watching this. I’ve waited my whole life for a Donald Sutherland and Jason Statham vs the world movie.

  9. I’m at work and can’t watch the trailer, but I have a VERY IMPORTANT question…

    Does Jason Statham have his shirt off at any point in the trailer?

  10. Which reminds me Crank 3 for WMOAT. Not even Statham’s glistening torso could get me through the seizures induced by the videogame aesthetic.

  11. If Donald Sutherland was your dad, you would be a damn disappointment to him.

  12. I really like about half of this trailer. I can’t quite put my finger on it; I just feel connected to it somehow.

  13. I have a feeling having Jason Statham as your dad would be pretty awesome… until you brought a boyfriend home to meet him and then your boyfriend died in a weird swimming accident and then the next boyfriend died in a Zoolander-style gas fight explosion and then the next boyfriend was crushed in a tragic “kicked through a wall” accident.

    Alternate scenario is, of course, that said boyfriend and Jason Statham for some reason have to fight other bad guys (terrorists?) together and that is how boyfriend eventually (and painfully but with a gatling gun probably) earns Daddy Statham’s trust, but this seems less likely.

  14. I wish Ben Foster was my boyfriend. I’ve had a crush on him since Flash Forward.

  15. Can people stop jumping out of windows in movies like this? I do like the classic walking away from an explosion in slow motion though. That is hot.

  16. Yo. No homo…I love my girlfriend dearly but…Jason Statham is a sexy muthaf#@ka.

  17. I wish when the bad guy dies in the end of the movie, screaming shadows will show up and drag him to hell.

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