It’s probably kind of weird being a kid these days. It seems like they all have confidence and stuff? Everyone is a special snowflake and even the would-be bullies probably feel that attacking someone for the eccentricities that make them unique is beneath them. “I don’t want to be put in a box,” is what all the kids are saying these days. The other day I saw a kid dressed exactly like Justin Bieber, with the purple hoodie and the skinny black space-jacket (because what IS that material? Is it leather? Is it the symbiote that turned Spider-Man into Venom?) and also skateboarding! Do you see what I mean how as an adult who grew up in a certain time in America where there were certain RULES that governed the Child World seeing a New Child dressing like a bubble pop tween sensation AND skateboarding would be confusing? I didn’t know you were allowed to do that! Because it used to be that you weren’t! I will also tell you this, I goofed around with a yo-yo when I was 8-years-old, too, and not only was I terrible at it, but I sure as hell wasn’t decked out in streetwear with a song by The Blow playing in the background.

“I subscribe to two magazines: Yo-Yo Aficionado and Complex,” is how this kid’s Facebook page describes him. He has 140,000 friends and two different fan pages. Well? What do you say, Strasser? You old dinosaur! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. The greatest trick K-Strass ever pulled was convincing the world he was an 8 year old that could actually yo-yo.

  2. Relating to the earlier story today… Does he walk the Antoine Dogson?

  3. His parents must be so proud, since they clearly have engineered this kids entire 8 year old hipster life. I bet his dad has a pencil mustache and his mom works in design.

  4. Is this bonus footage for Never Say Never?

    • I’m Still Never Saying Never – Justin Bieber starts panicking over the pressures of fame, attempts to become a yo-yo master as filmed by Jaden Smith?

  5. About two years ago, I successfully made a yo-yo come back up for the first time. I am 32.

  6. When I was 8 I was acting like *a* yo-yo on the internet service provider Prodigy so basically same thing, amirite?

    • When I was 8 I got blocked from AOL because I “swore” in an R.L. Stine message board. Needless to say, my businessman dad was PISSED.

      • If the statement was “It’s bullshit that Dad didn’t let me order the newest Goosebumps from the Schoolastic catalog.” then I completely agree.

        • My brother and his friend got us banned from AOL for a month because of “scrolling” in a chatroom!

          I also spent all my time hanging out with other kids on the Jonny Quest and Animorphs chatrooms. We used to “play” Animorphs and I guess chatroom role play our own stories. I was 12.

          God I love the internet.

  7. We need to balance out the fact that I can do awesome yo yo tricks by filming in front of a brick building in an alley looking a little ‘hood? Ugh.

    For some reason yoyo kid angers me.

    • You are getting mad about an 8-year-old. I just want us to be really clear on that.

      • But it isn’t really the 8-year-old I think yourmom’s mad at, I don’t think. It’s the whole thing, where someone (definitely not that kid) decided they needed to shoot him doing yo-yo tricks and cut it into this too-cool-for-school video and put it up and get famous, because fame is the best thing you can have when you’re an 8 year old kid who doesn’t even know who he is or wants to be yet.

        • R2D2 is for the most part right. Just to clarify I loved “Charlie Bit My Finger” just as much as the next person.

          …and going to watch that now for the millionth time.

      • Yes, I hate children. :::gasp::: But I like watching videos of news reports from the south about men who are forced to eat their own beards. Oh, and Friday Night Lights….so, eh whatevs screw kids.

    • This sounds weird but…I work there.
      Worked there.
      College am I right?

      Anyway. The “hood” alley is actually the back of a toy store where we set up a yo-yo clinic for the kidz on Saturdays.

  8. Testimony in Boise soldier hearing: Afghan murder plot allegedly included talk of killing children
    TACOMA, WASH. — Pfc. Andrew Holmes of Boise was aware of sadistic schemes two of his platoon mates plotted to kill Afghan civilians, but his attorney today argued that he was not a part of those plans. Holmes, one of five soldiers in his platoon facing ..

    This is the news that Bing thinks is either cool or children. I wonder which it is.

  9. You know, seeing as how my 8-year old self’s greatest yo-yo trick was hitting my sister when my mom’s back was turned, I have to give this kid props for being much better than I was at that age (and also being much better than I am now, or ever will be at any point in time)

  10. I heavily listened to this The Blow album a couple years ago. It was recommended to me, specifically this song, by a girl who was friends with my writer’s girlfriend. I think she was very subtly telling me that she was out of my league. Now we’re friends on facebook. So I’ve got that going for me.

  11. I was pretty dope-ass with a cup-and-ball back in the day.

  12. “if he spent as much time on his homework as he did with that stupid yo-yo, he really could’ve been something special”

    – Spencer’s mom, 2019

  13. Yes its on my business card. Chicks dig doctors, bro.

  14. Yeah whatever…..

  15. And of course, by saying that he “goofed around with a yo-yo when I was 8-years-old, too,” Gabe means that he enjoyed playing lawn tennis and riding to Kensington Gardens on one of these:

  16. Whatever. I bet I’m better at driving a car than that kid is.

    • Jokes on you when he parallel parks first try blindfolded.

      On a related note, I didn’t get my drivers license until my third try, based solely on the fact that I couldn’t parallel park. #angry16yearoldgum

      • Remember when Judy Funnie couldn’t pass her driving test since she couldn’t parallel park?
        Also has anyone ever actually parallel parked once they got their license

        • I will circle a block to find a spot I can pull into, I will not parallel park. I actively avoid parallel parking.

        • I parallel park all the time, which is part of the reason why I bought a Yaris. It’s so much easier to parallel park a car that is basically the size of a bean.

          • I have a Yaris and my friend (a smug LA veteran who parallel parks like she’s breathing) believes that people buy Yarises because they’re bad at parking, and want less car to deal with. I can’t say she’s wrong.

      • I am so good at parallel parking. I am not very good at not backing out of my driveway into my high school German teacher’s car however.

    • Yeah, and I’ve seen his in-class doodles and THEY SUCK!

      Seriously though, this kid is fucking awesome with this yo-yo.

  17. He does have excellent skills, but let’s be honest; Yo-Yo tricks are a load of old bollocks.

  18. I’m not sure if this would have been better as a Teen Korner post or not.

  19. Can we all agree that the Justin Bieber movie should take a cue from this video and really be titled “I am 8″?

  20. I’ve heard before and consistently agree. Children are like dreams- they aren’t interesting if they aren’t yours.

  21. nothing says “life on da streets” like yo-yo tricks

  22. I’m really glad I could join this comment thread very late in order to point out something that is completely necessary and in no way embarrassing: When the black symbiote became known as “Venom,” Eddie Brock was the host, not Peter Parker. The space junk turned Spiderman into a more likable version of Jared Leto in the third movie, but was probably never officially Venom until who cares blah blah blahjustinbeiberjoke. #ALERTNERD

  23. You know how there are things that are embarrassing when adults do them, but if a kid does them, it’s somehow adorable? Like if a kid farted in public or danced in a diaper to a Beyonce song or stole a car? If an adult did these things, we’d all be ashamed of them. But it’s okay/adorable for a kid to do it, because they don’t know any better. And look at their cute faces! And stuff!

    Yeah, yo-yo is definitely not one of those things. It’s embarrassing at any age.

  24. I wonder if he is on Twitter..

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