Did you see the photos today of that 30-story high rise in Shanghai that is burning to the ground? Oh my goodness. 42 people have died and more than 90 are injured, and that is, as these things go, only SO FAR. It’s also one of those weird situations where the photos are really stunning and almost beautiful? Don’t get me wrong: actual nightmare IN PROGRESS, but you know what I mean. Did you ever see Terminator 3 (also known as The Best of the Terminator Franchise Just Kidding It’s Awful)? At the end of Terminator 3 there is that scene where Skynet launches, like, ALL the missiles, and you see them soar out over the planet, and it’s really neat looking. There is just something horrifyingly beautiful about the end of things. But make no mistake: things are ending. Constantly. Forever.

So, we might as well find something that makes us happy before they do. For example: tons of fucking sequins.

I like to think that the look of shock and regret that crosses his face is not so much that he realizes that he swore on television, but that in the reflection off the camera lens he got a brief glimpse of the abyss. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Clearly, it DOES get better for some people. In fact, it gets pretty fucking great. And shiny.

  2. What? It’s completely gray in Seattle! We all need a bit of glimmer in our lives!

  3. Sales at Goodwill are big news in Seattle?

  4. “Tons of fucking sequins.” -A phrase I would not be shocked to hear on My Beautiful Twisted Nightmare

  5. Today I was so lucky as to find something in this world that makes me happy:

    Enjoy, ladies!

  6. Sequins or Apocalypse? You kill me bing, with your wildly absurd choices.

  7. I swear if my boyfriend gets me a Christmas present at the Goodwill, I will be so fucking pissed.

  8. But…he doesn’t have any sequins in his arm pile. Unless I’m sequin-blind?

  9. Don’t take this as nitpicky but shouldn’t this fall under the blanket of our boyfriend not something that makes us happy

  10. I always find it adorable when youtube videos have a warning in their title that there’s use of “strong language”

  11. I’m pretty sure I put all my sequiny clothes in a garbage bag and dropped them in the Goodwill box behind the church sometime circa 1992. So, you’re welcome, guy.

  12. I guess I’m more “with box” and he’s more glitt-ary?

    • you know, because a “box” is slang for a ladypart and he likes glittery sequens? you know, like the cee-lo green song? you know because it’s been in my head since gabe posted it like last week? hrmpf.

  13. We shouldn’t be so clothes-minded. He shoe seems like a lovely person.

  14. The third year Spanish textbook that I teach out of has some bizarre vocab lists, totally useless stuff, but the term that sticks out the most in its uselessness has got to be “sequin (lentejuela)”. My kids can’t get a hotel room or order a meal in Spain, but at least they can tell someone about this goddamn video. Perfect. #usefulshit

  15. Sequins make me pretty happy.

    This makes me happier though…

  16. Keep on fucking those sequins.

  17. “he got a brief glimpse of the abyss.”

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