Last week, Tina Fey accepted her Mark Twain award for American Humor. Now you can watch highlights from her speech here, or you can watch the whole event (with guest perfromances and EVERYTHING) here. Have it your way! (Slogan for both Burger King AND Tina Fey acceptance speeches.)

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  2. I’d never seen her husband before last night and though that he definitely bore a resemblance to “Wesley” on 30 Rock although apparently 1/2 his size

  3. I really loved this. All the tributes were TBS Very Funny. Especially Alec Baldwin as Mark Twain and Tina Fey’s speech. And Jane Krakowski’s “Muffin Top” medley was also great.

  4. She has such cool friends, I want to be friends with her friends, and with her

  5. That dude married Tina Fey? I hate how little sense life makes some days.

  6. I’m happy that in her career, she has paid homage to the woman who paved the way for her:

  7. You go Glen Coco!

  8. Just one question: Jennifer Hudson?

  9. Wow, I’m lovin’ It! She really has what I crave (comedy!). If I could have it my way she would be on every TV show. So good!

  10. If she’s pretty, who cares if she’s racist? Amirite, Winwood?

  11. Seeing the Jon Hamm scenes from 30 Rock reminded me how much I want to go there.

  12. Sorry to get #nerdgum in here, but that video was totally not exported with the same pixel aspect or regular aspect ratio.

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