There’s a horse in this car right here.

That’s not where horses go, but there a horse is. Go figure. WHAT A WORLD! ALSO IT IS FRIDAY, HORSES GO WHEREVER THEY WANT NOW NO RULES FOR THE WEEKEND! (Oof. Long week, y/y? Head might actually be falling off. Hopefully it rolls itself to the hospital on its own, but kick it if you see it.) (Via DailyWhat.)

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  1. I’d say the Industrial Revolution is pretty much complete now.

  2. Thank you, Gabe. This is how you do the final post of a Friday before Monster’s Ball. Good Gabe.

  3. I guess that answers the age old question, yes you can fit a Mustang in a Camry.

  4. Well, how else is he going to get the horse to the Applebee’s? Think, people.

  5. This is just silly! How’d they get that horse in that car? Horses are big and that car is not big!

  6. That was great, and then bing had to go and make everything awkward. Thanks bing.

  7. One Sunday my freshman year of college, my older brother and I were driving back to Austin from a weekend trip home. We passed a truck that had one of those wooden-trailer-horse-transport things attached to it, and my brother said, “Oh, look! A horsey!”

    I said, “Neat! Where do you think it’s going?”

    “Probably to the glue factory,” he replied.

  8. Oh god I was just gonna come down here and post a cute little comment about our economy and horse trailers but then Bing just has to fill my eyes with copulating horses. Dammit Bing! This is Friday! Get on team Happy Friday!

    • I tried to make a TGIF comment in class today, because I strive to seem like a normal casual human, and my mild mannered professor got so angry that she told me if I didn’t want to put in the effort to learn I shouldn’t be in the class and then she added “REALLY” just so I knew she wasn’t tossing around cliches haphazardly. She then yelled out a speech about her integrity and stormed out of class early. This would be bad enough if not for the fact that I’m only studying at this university because it was what my English professor grandfather wanted out of me and he died two weeks ago leaving me to consider if this is where I really belong. All I said was “this is too much for Friday afternoon”.

      The point is, this afternoon is a bizarro world where all of the dancing .gifs are like daggers in my heart and even copulating horses are a welcome distraction.

      • I was all blue yesterday because it was the six-month anniversary of my grandpa passing away, and it was also Remebrance Day*, so every channel on TV had live coverage of the services and many of the older veterans reminded me of my grandpa. Today I was still leftover sad and, even though I hung out with several dogs, my sadness was not abated until the great Horse in the Car. My grandpa loved horses, and I would like to believe that he would also love Horse in the Car.

        Anyway. The point is that Horse in the Car is great, even though I think it is most likely a pony, and also that I am sorry about your grandfather. May I suggest a repeat viewing of Horse in the Car? If you are still questioning your direction in life after that, I will give you my new piece of sage advice (because when you think of sage, you think of something someone just thought up after watching a comical video on the internets): Follow the horse in the car. That is the right direction.

        * The Canadian version of Veterans Day. Also, I only just learned that remebrance is not spelled “rememberance,” but it seems cruel to forget the third “e” when you are making a noun out of remembering.

  9. How else is Sarah Jessica Parker supposed to travel?

  10. the naay-sayers who thought it couldn’t be done feel stupid now. (i’m sorry)

  11. the car behind the young woman was following close. a little to close. then it began honking, startling the young female driver. she pulled off to a side road to get away from the crazed driver. little did she know that the other driver was trying to warn her about the horse in her backseat.

  12. This reminds me of an instance from a few years back. I was going to work when I passed my neighbor’s house. It was my neighbor’s son’s 5th birthday, and they had gotten a pony for him. Problem was, it was raining really hard, and everyone involved looked absolutely miserable. They had a photographer, who covered himself up with his coat to take the pictures. The father was trying to make the best of the situation, even though he had just shelled out like 500 bucks for a pony during a Nor’easter. I felt the worst for the pony, who had rainwater just pouring off his face, just faithfully doing his job. Whenever a story that is really sad and pathetic comes along, my family and I refer to it as a “rainy pony” story. I guess the moral of the story is be nice to ponies? I lost track after the third paragraph.

  13. “Quit Horsin’ around in the backseat or I’ll turn this car around!”- That Guy

  14. Semi-related:


  15. I knew it was coming but I still yelled “holy shit! There’s a horse in that car!”

  16. Plagarist horse!

  17. Remember the song Highway to the Danger Zone? This video is for the new song Highway to the Dogfood and Glue Factory

  18. Well, I blame the horse for not ponying up his share.


  20. Gabe, you need a vacation. How about you let Birdie do the blogging for a little while?

  21. Birdievers 4 E♥er

  22. When I was 10, I went with my grand father to buy a few emus on the other side of the state (Missouri [i was just visiting, never lived there]). Anyhoo, on the way back I got to ride in the trailer with them, which, thinking about it now, was ridiculously unsafe and irresponsible of him. The point of the story is though that it was surprisingly comfortable. Now I don’t know if its true for horses as it is for emus, but I bet that horse did not appreciate the lack of a trailer full of hay.

    • Aren’t emus known for their bad tempers and ability to impale you with their talons? Why did your grandpa hate you so much?

      • Are they? In my experience spending a few summers on an emu/ostrich farm, i always found the emus to be quite friendly. The ostriches however…god…what a bunch of assholes.

  23. Silly drivers. You put the horse BEFORE the car.

  24. Fake and neigh?

  25. I don’t get it. What’s so amazing about Hilary Swank riding in a car?

  26. Is this the antithesis of the saying ‘there’s an elephant in the room’ ?

    • I..e. there’s an elephant in the room but we’re not going to talk about it… but there’s a horse in that car and we’re going to shout about it!

  27. “Oh, shit, there’s a horse in the hospital!” – Kool Keith and whoever is there when that car smashes into a hospital.

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